Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle Cloud Platform
Industry Cloud computing
Founder Larry Ellison
Bob Miner
Ed Oates[1]
Headquarters Redwood Shores, Redwood City, California, United States
Area served
Key people
Larry Ellison
(Executive Chairman & CTO)
Jeff Henley
(Vice Chairman)
Safra Catz
Mark Hurd
Products Platform_as_a_service

Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP) is part of Oracle Cloud. Oracle Corporation has branded its Platform as a Service (PaaS) as Oracle Cloud Platform[2][3]. This platform is used to build, deploy, integrate and extend applications in the cloud. The platform supports open standards (SQL, HTML5, REST, etc.) open-source solutions (Kubernetes, Hadoop, Kafka, etc.) and a variety of programming languages, databases, tools and frameworks including Oracle-specific, open source and third-party software and systems. Oracle Cloud Platform offerings include Data Management, Application Development, Integration, Content and Experience, Business Analytics, Systems Management and Security.[4][5]


Oracle Cloud Platform currently has 12 regions [6]:

  • US East - Ashburn
  • US Central - Chicago
  • US West - Phoenix
  • US Gov - Chicago
  • US Gov - Ashburn JAPAC Australia - Sydney
  • EU UK - London
  • EU UK - Slough
  • EU Germany - Frankfurt
  • EU Netherlands - Amsterdam
  • JAPAC Japan - Tatebayashi
  • S. America Brazil - Sao Paulo

Deployment Models

Oracle Cloud can be deployed over Public Cloud, Private cloud and Hybrid Cloud deployment models.[7]


Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP) provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). The infrastructure is offered through a global network of Oracle managed data centers. Oracle deploys their cloud in Regions. Inside each Region are at least three fault-independent Availability Domains. Each of these Availability Domains contains an independent data center with power, thermal and network isolation. Oracle Cloud is generally available[8] in North America, EMEA, APAC and Japan with announced South America and US Govt. regions coming soon.[9]

Key People

  • Mark Hurd: (CEO since September 2014),[10] previously co-President (since 2010). In 2007, Mark Hurd was ranked No.16 on Fortune's list of the 25 Most Powerful People in Business.[11]
  • Safra Catz: (CEO since September 2014),[10] previously co-President (since 2004) and CFO.[12] In 2016, she was ranked 10th on Fortune's Most Powerful Women list.[13]
  • Larry Ellison: Executive Chairman and CTO (since September 2014), co-founder of the company, previously CEO (1977-2014),[10] previously Chairman (1990–2004).

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