Ohio State League

The first Ohio State League was a baseball league in 1887 before changing names to the Tri-State League.

The first 20th century Ohio State League started in 1908 as a class D loop and ran through 1916. Another Ohio State League was formed in 1936 and ran through 1947 except for a break in '42-'43 due to World War II. In 1945, the OSL was one of just four class D circuits in operation, yet it was one of the first of dozens of leagues to collapse after World War II. The class D Ohio–Indiana League was formed in 1948 with eight teams, with seven of the eight cities coming from the Ohio State League. Six teams made their home in Ohio and the remaining two where from Indiana. This league lasted through 1951.

Cities represented and stats


Secretary: L. A. Moore

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Kalamazoo Kazoos7334.6820Al Buckenberger
Zanesville Kickapoos5846.55813.5Patrick Welsh /Pete McShannic
Wheeling5348.52517Cronin / English / Nicholson / Henry Myers
Sandusky Suds5349.52017.5George Curry
Columbus Buckeyes5055.47622Calhoun / John Morrissey / Gifford / Buck West
Mansfield4656.45124.5Sandy McDermott / Bob Allen / Frank O'Brien
Canton #2214.611NAH.H. Kerr / William Zecher
Acron Acorns ##3260.348NAShowers / Hastings / McDermott / Irwin
Stubenville Stubbs ###934.209NAParson Nicholson / Pete Woods / Jimmy Wood

#Canton entered the league August 4. ## Akron disbanded September 3.
###Stubenville disbanded June 29.

Player Statistics

Ed HutchinsonColumbusBA.395Mother WatsonKalamazooW29
Ed StapletonKalamazooRuns121Bill IrwinAkron/KalamazooSO283
John CroganWheelingHits184Mother WatsonKalamazooPct763: 29-9
Ed StapletonKalamazooHR12

Cities Represented and stats


Portsmouth, Ohio was the only city around for all 9 seasons. The league disbanded July 19, 1916

1908 President: Robert Quinn

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Lancaster Red Roses9257.6170Kurt Ellston / Paddy Fox
Lima Cigarmakers8067.54411Nick Kahl /Jim Jackson
Marion Diggers7871.52314Charles O'Day
Mansfield Pioneers7673.51016Cal McVey / Tim Flood
Newark Newks7475.49718Bob Berryhill / Harry Eells
Springfield / Portsmouth #46103.30946Ed Ranskick / John Quinn

# Springfield moved to Portsmouth June 16.

Player Statistics

Hughie TateMarionBA.320Kirby WhiteLancasterW28
Hughie TateMarionHits169Walt JustisLancasterSO293
Curly BrownLancasterRuns103Charlie PickettLimaPct700: 21-9
Frank FoutzLimaHR12Jim RileyLimaSB80

1909 President: Robert Quinn

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Lima Cigarmakers7950.6120Lee Fohl
Marion Diggers7159.5468.5Charles O'Day /Jack Lewis
Mansfield Pioneers6358.52112Tim Flood
Portsmouth Cobblers4876.38728.5William Doyle / Jack McCallister / Charles O'Day
Lancaster Lanks #5353.500NAPaddy Fox
Newark Newks #4664.418NAHomer Davidson / Erve Wratten

# Newark and Lancaster disbanded August 23.

Player Statistics

Red FarrellMarionBA.316Ed ZmichMarionW21
Joe StanleyMarionHits142Andy NelsonLimaPct.800; 8-2
Charles FinkLimaRuns91Ed WillettMarionHR6

1910 President: Robert W. Read

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Portsmouth Cobblers8652.6230Pete Childs
Lima Cigarmakers8256.5944Alfred Newnham
Marion Diggers8058.5806Jack Lewis
Newark Newks5880.42028Bob Berryhill / Charles Riehl / Hank O'Day
Lancaster Lanks5582.40130.5Al McClintock / Guy Sample / Heinie Peitz
Chillicothe Infants5285.38033.5Cochhran / Grubb / Kibler / Wrigley

Player Statistics

Hank O'DayPortsmouthBA.324Ted GoulaitMarionW24
Henry "Dick" BreenPortsmouthHits151Pop LloydLimaPct.769; 10-3
Henry "Dick" BreenPortsmouthRuns88Frank NesserLimaHR6

1911 President: Robert W. Read

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Springfield Reapers8455.6040Hank O'Day
Marion Diggers8059.5764Jack Lewis
Portsmouth Cobblers7861.5616Pete Childs
Chillicothe Infants7862.5576.5Zeke Wrigley
Newark Newks/Piqua Picks #7265.52611Alfred Newnham
Lima Cigarmakers6277.44622Frank Nesser
Lancaster Links5384.38730Charles Riehl / Gus Epler
Hamilton Mechanics4892.34336.5James Barton

#Newark moved to piqua June 22.

Player Statistics

Bert BlueNewark/PiquaBA.347Roy AshenfelderHamil/SpringW24
Bert BlueNewark/PiquaHits176H. McCallMarionPct.800; 8-2
W. ColliganMarionRuns119Billy KellyMarionHR12

1912 President: Robert W. Read

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Portsmouth Cobblers8152.6090Pete Childs
Mansfield Brownies7267.51812McCormick / East / Easterly
Newark Skeeters7068.50713.5Grim / Murray / McCormick
Marion / Ironton #6572.47418Johnston / Odwell / Moore
Lima Cigarmakers6473.46719Zeke Wrigley
Chillicothe Infants5777.42524.5Jack Ryan / Tannehill / Newnham

#Marion moved to Ironton July 15.

Player Statistics

Waldo JackleyMar/IronBA.357George BoehlerNewarkW27
Frank NesserLimaHits170Sandy BurkMar/IronPct.769; 20-6
John ShovelinNewarkRuns80Waldo JackleyMar/IronHR11

1913 President: Robert W. Read

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Chillicothe Babes8349.6290Alfred Newnham
Charleston Senators8450.6270Henry "Buzz" Wetzel
Portsmouth Cobblers8355.6013Pete Childs
Huntington Blue Sox6868.50017Sam Wright / S. Redman
Lexington Colts6870.48318Bill Reynolds / W. McKernan / Rex Dawson
Ironton Nailers6375.45623Al McClintock / Archie Osborn
Hamilton Maroons5579.44129Zeke Wrigley
Maysville3896.28446George Moore

Player Statistics

Carl RayCharlestonBA.366Ed DonaldsPortsmouthW30
John BagganPortsmouthRuns105Ed DonaldsPortsmouthPct.789; 30-8
Frank NesserChillicotheHits178Carl RayCharlestonHR33

1914 President: Robert W. Read

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Portsmouth Cobblers8653.7230Pete Childs
Charleston Senators7962.5608Henry "Buzz" Wetzel / Biddy Beers
Chillicothe Babes7364.53312Alfred Newnham
Lexington Colts6668.49317.5Howard Guyn
Ironton Nailers#3533.514NADick Smith
Huntington Blue Sox ##3947.453NAJohn Siegle / Nixey Callahan
Maysville ##3051.370NAHarry Chapman / Ray Montgomery
Newport/Paris ###1949.279NAFred Applegate / Red Munson

#Ironton disbanded July 5. ###Newport/Paris disbanded July 5. ##Huntington & Maysville disbanded July 22.

Player Statistics

Wilbur CrouchLexing/PortsBA.327Abel ApplegateCharlestonW22
John BagganPortsmouthRuns116Paul CarterPortsmouthW22
John BagganPortsmouthHits182Ernie CalbertHunting/CharlesHR17

1915 President: Joseph T. Carr

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Portsmouth Cobblers7142.6280Chet Spencer
Lexington Colts6348.5687Howard Guyn
Chillicothe / Huntington / Maysville #5855.51313Josh Devore
Charleston Senators5863.47917Biddy Beers
Frankfort Old Taylors4565.40924.5Pat Bohen /Jack Hayden
Ironton Nailers4769.40525.5Dick Smith

#Chillicothe moved to Huntington July 13: Huntington moved to Maysville July 19.

Playoff: Portsmouth 4 games, Maysville 1.
Player Statistics

Ralph SharmanPortsmouthBA.374Hubert TestPortsmouthW21
Pickles DilhoferPortsmouthRuns83Howard McGranerChil/HuntPct.800: 12-3
Ralph SharmanPortsmouthHits147Ernie CalbertIrontonHR13

1916 President: Joseph T. Carr

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Portsmouth Truckers4719.7120Chet Spencer
Maysville Burley Cubs2636.41919Jimmy Jones
Charleston Senators / Chillicothe Babes ##2935.453NABill Powell
Frankfort Old Taylors #2435.407NAHoward "Ducky" Holmes
Huntington Blue Sox #2238.367NACharlie DeArmond /Ezra Midkiff
Lexington Colts ###3924.619NAHoward Guyn

#Huntington & Frankfort disbanded July 16. ##Charleston moved to Chillicothe July 13. ###Lexington disbanded July 16. The league disbanded July 19.

Player Statistics

Stewart DiltsPortsmouthBA.420John FergusonPortsmouthW12
Stewart DiltsPortsmouthRuns57Paul CarpenterChil/CharlSO95
Stewart DiltsPortsmouthHits95Rube LindholmFrankfortHR6

Cities represented and statistics


1936 President: Harry Smith

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Tiffin Mud Hens6035.6350Myles Thomas
Sandusky Sailors5147.52010.5Chappie Geygan
Fostoria Cardinals4550.47415Harry Aldrick / George Silvey
Fremont Reds4256.42919.5Marty Purtell
New Philadelphia Red Birds #26.250NAGeorge Silvey
Mansfield Tigers #28.200NAJack Orr

#Mansfield & New Philadelphia disbanded May 26.

Player Statistics

John ZipayFostoriaBA.419Edward BastianTiffinW18
John ClementsTiffinRuns97Steve VargoFostoriaSO156
Jack SuydamTiffinHits141Charles CroninTiffinERA3.27
John ClementsTiffinRBI112John ClementsTiffinHR37

1937 President: Harry Smith

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Mansfield Red Sox5924.7110Dewey Stover
Sandusky / Marion #6130.6702Chappie Geygan
Tiffin Mud Hens4338.53115Emilio Palmero / Al Eckert
Findlay Browns4347.47819.5Grover Hartley
Fremont Reds3655.39627Howard Bohl
Fostoria Red Birds2068.22741.5Cavanaugh / Jenkins / Bowen / Aldrick

#Sandusky moved to Marion June22.

Player Statistics

Dewey StoverMansfieldBA.383Gordon MannSand/MarW18-2
Johnny BarrettMansfieldRuns97Marion SpenceSand/MarW18
Johnny BarrettMansfieldHits129Charles CroninTiffinSO178
Chappie GeyganSand/MarRBI91Gordon MannSand/MarERA2.30

1938 President: Paul Shank

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Fostoria Red Birds5541.5730Jack Farmer
Fremont Reds/Green Sox5143.5433Chappie Geygan
Findlay Browns4454.44912Grover Hartley
Tiffin Mud Hens4456.44013Tony Rogala

Playoff: Freemont 3 games, Fostoria 0.

Player Statistics

Peter KrausFostoriaBA.372Glen FletcherFree/FindW15
Peter KrausFostoriaRuns100Jack FarmerFostoriaSO164
Peter KrausFostoriaHits137Frederick BergerFostoriaPct.818; 9-2
Del WilberFindlayRBI83Chappie GeyganFremontHR18

1939 President: Paul H. Shank

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Findlay Oilers6862.5230Grover Hartley
Fremont Green Sox6663.5121.5Chappie Geygan
Fostoria Red Birds6663.5121.5Jack Farmer
Lima Pandas6466.4924Dick Ward
Tiffin Mud Hens6466.4924Jim Lawrence
Mansfield Braves6169.4697Ray French

Playoff: Lima defeated Tiffin in a one-game playoff for fourth place. Freemont won 2nd place by coin toss. Findley 2 games, Fostoria 0; Lima 2 games, Fremont 1; Finals:Lima 4 games, Findlay 3;

Player Statistics

Hank EdwardsMansfieldBA.395Glen FletcherFindlayW22
Hank EdwardsMansfieldRuns135Fred BergerFostoriaSO231
Hank EdwardsMansfieldHits209Red EvansLimaPct.846; 11-2
Del WilberFindlayRBI145Hank EdwardsMansfieldHR18

1940 President: Paul H. Shank

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Lima Pandas8534.7140Merle Settlemire
Findlay Oilers7046.60313.5Grover Hartley /George Ruley
Mansfield Braves5959.50025.5Dewey Strong
Tiffin Mud Hens5064.42932.5Myles Thomas
Fostoria Red Birds4473.37640Bobby Jones
Fremont Green Sox4375.36441.5Ray Caldwell / Garland Sewell

Playoff: Lima 3 games, Mansfield 0; Findley 3 games, Tiffin 1; Finals: Lima 4 Games, Findley 2.

Player Statistics

Gene WoodlingMansfieldBA.398Frank BiscanLimaW26
John CindricLimaRuns141Frank BiscanLimaSO243
Stanley MazgayFindlayHits175Merle SettlemireLimaPct.1000; 15-0
John CindricLimaRBI150John CindricLimaHR39

1941 President: Joe Donnelly

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Fremont Green Sox6934.6700Chappie Geygan
Mansfield Braves6740.6264Alex Clowson
Tiffin Mud Hens5055.47620Charles LeCrone / Harry Taylor
Fostoria Red Birds4957.46221.5Lee Ellison / Jim Cronin
Lima Pandas4364.40228Otis Brannan / Merle Settlemire
Findlay Browns3765.36331.5Grover Hartley

Player Statistics

Johnny GerlachTiffinBA.340J.G. StasaitisFremontW19
Jim PruettFostoriaBA.340Don BaylissTiffinSO198
Johnny GerlachTiffinHits137Lloyd FisherFremontPct.857; 18-3
Henry MiesleFremontRBI86Ed MutrynMansfieldHR22

No League play 1942 & 1943 due to WW II.

1944 President: Joe Donnelly

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Springfield Giants7654.5850Earl Wolgamot
Newark Moundsmen7158.5504.5Clay Bryant
Middletown Red Sox6661.5208.5Red Barnes
Lima Red Birds6562.5129.5Runt Marr / Leo Norris
Zanesville Dodgers5871.45017.5Jack Knight
Marion Diggers5080.38526Grover Hartley

Playoffs: Newark 3 games, Lima 1;Middletown 3 games, Springfield 2; Finals: Newark 4 games, Middletown 2.

Player Statistics

Luke MajorkiNewarkBA.355Ned GarverNewarkW21
Neal ResideLimaRuns120Ned GarverNewarkSO221
Neal ResideLimaHits173Ned GarverNewarkERA1.21
Harvey ZerniaLimaRBI114Eddie VolanNewarkHR20

1945 President: Frank M. Colley

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Middletown Rockets8950.6400Ivy Griffin
Zanesville Dodgers7466.52915.5Knight / Mikesell / Hayworth / McNair /


Lima Reds7268.51417.5Cap Crossley
Springfield Giants6475.46025Earl Wolgamot
Marion Cardinals6277.44627Grover Hartley / Wally Schang
Newark Moundsmen5782.41032Mickey O'Neil

Playoffs: Middletown 4 games, Springfield 2; Zanesville 4 games, Lima 2; Finals: Zanesville 3 games, Middletown 2.

Player Statistics

Albert KaiserNewarkBA.368Ray JanikowskiMiddletownW25
William ScottMiddletownRuns113Ray JanikowskiMiddletownSO274
Albert KaiserNewarkHits171Ray JanikowskiMiddletownERA1.71
Troy BolickSpringfieldRBI103Albert KaiserNewarkHR12

1946 President: Frank M. Colley

Team NameWLPCTGBManagers
Springfield Giants8257.5900Don Ramsey
Zanesville Dodgers7860.5653.5Clay Bryant
Richmond Roses7663.5476Merle Settlemire
Newark Moundsmen7465.5328Bob Boken
Lima Terriers6771.48614.5Charlie E. Moore
Marion Cardinals6376.45319Wally Schang / Bob Kline
Dayton Indians5879.42323Frank Parenti / Ival Goodman
Middletown Rockets5683.40326Mike Blazo

Playoffs: Zanesville 4 games, Richmond 0; Springfield 4 games, Newark 2. Finals: Zanesville 4 games, Springfield 2.

Player Statistics

Maynard DeWittZanesvilleBA.351Hardy HoltZanesvilleW23
Maynard DeWittZanesvilleRuns151Merlin WilliamsLimaSO275
Maynard DeWittZanesvilleHits187Ewen BrydenSpringfieldERA2.14
Wayne ResideLima/SpringRBI118Wayne ResideLima/SpringHR21

1947 President: Frank M. Colley

Team NameWLPCTGBAttendManagers
Zanesville Dodgers8950.6400102,250Clay Bryant
Marion Cardinals7960.5681092,088Nelson Burbrink
Muncie Reds7562.5471351,834Mike Blazo
Springfield Giants7365.52915.572,462Don Ramsey
Richmond Roses6272.46324.553,050Rex Carr
Dayton Indians6273.4592565,420Ival Goodman
Newark Moundsmen6476.45725.558,935Eddie Dancisak
Lima Terriers4793.33642.556,466Merle Settlemire

Playoffs: Zanesville 4 games, Springfield 0; Marion 4 games, Muncie 1;
Finals: Zanesville 4 games, Marion 2.

Player Statistics

Nelson BurbrinkMarionBA.378Clayton LambertZanesvilleW23
Robert VerrierRichmondRuns127Clayton LambertZanesvilleSO232
Jack MaischLimaHits194Edward PostMuncieERA2.02
Ed FowlerNewarkRBI119Bob MontagMuncieHR14

League records 1887–1951

Bill HenrySpringfieldGA14146Joe PattisonSpringfieldGA14146
John ZipayFostoriaBA.41936Andrew RellickSpringfieldAB58550
Marvin StenderMarionRuns15851Henry EdwardsMansfieldH20939
John CindricLimaRbi15040Jim EnglemanNewark2B6250
Charles FreyMarion3B2046Keith JonesRichmond3B2050
John CindricLimaHR3940Jim EnglemanNewarkTB35050
Maynard DeWittZanesvilleSB11046Wayne YoderSpringfieldBB14249
Charles HopkinsNewarkSO13647
Joe BielemeierZanesvilleCG3145Richard McEvoyNewarkG5548
Ed DonaldsPortsmouthW3013Bob JenkinsNewarkL1944
Bob McCormickZanesvilleL1945Merle Settlemire (15-0)LimaPct1.00040
Walt JustisLancasterSO29308Merlin WilliamsLimaIP30746
Joe BielemeierZanesvilleShO745Merle SettlemireLimaWS1540
Bob PurcellSpringfieldBB18250Ned GarverNewarkERA1.2146

See the Ohio–Indiana League for 1948-51

Further reading

  • Craig Lammers: "Death in the Ohio State League", in The National Pastime – A Review of Baseball History, Society for American Baseball Research, Cleveland, Ohio, number 26 (May, 2006), pp. 125–128.


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