O-eo (Thai: โอ๋เอ๋ว) is a Southern Thai shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as red bean, sweet syrup, grass jelly and palm seed. The most important ingredient is o-eo jelly which is made of banana and Chinese herbs. The dessert is highly popular in Phuket. The dessert is originally from Penang Malaysia and became Phuket local food till nowadays.


O-eo originally came from Penang, Malaysia. The first man who sold o-eo in Phuket is Chinese refugee named Pa Eng. Until today his family still continue this business. They said that this dessertused to be called Bun Tau Bie in Penang, but the name changed because of the accent and became o-eo till today. Others say that the name o-eo is also a kind of dessert in Taiwan and very popular in the summer time, then was imported to Phuket by Chinese workers.


O-eo is clear jelly with no color is made of banana and jia kor (Chinese herb) which have ability to cure hot stoke in your body. Boil the banana and blend it then mix with the herb water and bring to boil again. Let it cool down afterward and the jelly will start to form. Thai people used to eat it without any other toppings, but nowadays o-eo was adapted and developed to eat with shaved ice with Toppings, such as boiled red bean, grass jelly and red syrup.


O-eo can be found in Phuket and mostly in Phuket old towns. On Thalang and Krabi roads.


O-eo is made to order. You can choose the topping by yourself. Red-White means o-eo with red beans. White-Black means o-eo with black jelly grass and White-Red-Black means to put in everything.

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