Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games

Northern Ireland at the
Commonwealth Games
CGF code NIR
CGA Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council
Ranked 14th
Commonwealth Games appearances (overview)
British Empire Games
  • 1934
  • 1938
  • 1950
British Empire and Commonwealth Games
British Commonwealth Games
  • 1970
  • 1974
Commonwealth Games
Other related appearances
 Ireland (1930)

Northern Ireland has competed in eighteen of the twenty Commonwealth Games beginning with the second games, held in 1934. Northern Ireland did not compete in 1930 (when there was a single team from Ireland) and in 1950. It differs from the Olympic Games where although it officially competes with England, Scotland and Wales as part of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, many athletes have represented the Ireland team.

Northern Ireland's participation in the Commonwealth Games is managed by a body known as the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council.

Medal tally

Medals by Games

Games Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
1930 HamiltonPart of Ireland
1934 London01239
1938 Sydney000015
1950 AucklandDid not Participate
1954 Vancouver21039
1958 Cardiff113512
1962 Perth001117
1966 Kingston133714
1970 Edinburgh315910
1974 Christchurch31269
1978 Edmonton212510
1982 Brisbane033617
1986 Edinburgh249157
1990 Auckland135913
1994 Victoria5321010
1998 Kuala Lumpur211413
2002 Manchester221517
2006 Melbourne020224
2010 Delhi3341014
2014 Glasgow2371215
2018 Gold Coast1741220

Flag and victory anthem

At the games the Northern Ireland team uses the flag of the former Government of Northern Ireland, the Ulster Banner as its national flag.[1] This flag is also used by the Northern Ireland national football team.

The team uses Londonderry Air as its victory anthem.

The team logo, and of the Commonwealth Games Council for Northern Ireland, features the Red Hand of Ulster, a traditional emblem of the province of Ulster of which Northern Ireland is a part.[2]

The team goes by the abbreviation NIR.

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