North West Provincial Legislature

North West Provincial Legislature
5th legislature
Sussana Rebecca Dantjie, African National Congress
Deputy speaker
Seats 33
Political groups


Official Opposition

Other Parties

Party-list proportional representation
Last election
7 May 2014
Meeting place
3138 Lucas Mangope Hwy, Mmabatho Unit 1, Mmabatho, 2790
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The North West Provincial Legislature is the primary legislative body of the South African province of North West. It is unicameral in its composition, and elects the premier and the provincial cabinet from among the members of the leading party or coalition in the parliament.


  • To ensure public involvement and oversight actions of the Legislature.
  • To mention to the National Assembly legislation regarding any matter outside the ability of the North West legislature, or where national law occurs over the provincial law.
  • To supervise the undertakings of the Executive Council and other structures of state; and
  • To enact or amend a constitution for the province of the North West.
  • To enact legislation for the province of the North West


The Legislature, like all those in South Africa, is chosen via party list proportional representation, for terms of five years, though may be dissolved earlier under certain conditions. The most recent election was held on 7 May 2014. The following table summarises the results.

PartyVotesVote %Seats
African National Congress733,49067.3923
Economic Freedom Fighters143,76513.215
Democratic Alliance138,52112.734
Freedom Front Plus18,7461.721
Other parties53,9284.950
Total1,088,450 100.0 33


The Speaker of the Legislature is Sussana Rebecca Dantjie [1] and her deputy is Jane Manganye; they are both members of the African National Congress.


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