Ngwenyama of Swaziland
Mswati III
since 25 April 1986
Style His Majesty
Heir apparent None
First monarch Ngwane III
Formation 1750s
Residence Lozitha Palace, Lobamba
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Ngwenyama (also Ingwenyama) is the title of the male ruler (King) of Swaziland. The Ngwenyama is the counterpart of the Ndlovukati.[1] Ingwenyama means "lion" in siSwati, but in an honorific sense, as opposed to libhubesi, the usual way of referring to actual lions.

The title is sometimes written Ingwenyama, iNgwenyama, or ingwenyama, meaning "the king". The prefix particle i- (plural ti-, tiNgwenyama).

The current king is Mswati III.

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