IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 2002
Ceased operations 16 May 2018[2]
Hubs Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
Secondary hubs Mariehamn Airport
Fleet size 15[3]
Destinations 22[4]
Headquarters Solna Municipality, Sweden
Key people Magnus Ivarsson (CEO)

NextJet was[2] one of the largest regional airlines in Sweden. It was headquartered in Frösundavik in Solna Municipality,[5] just north of Stockholm. The airline filed for bankruptcy on 16 May 2018, half a year after one of its planes was believed to be sabotaged.[2][6]


NextJet served most of their domestic destinations from Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. As of summer 2010 they also served a lot of domestic destinations from Stockholm-Bromma Airport on behalf of Sverigeflyg as well as Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from Mariehamn Airport on the behalf of Air Åland. Many of the domestic routes operated by NextJet were subsidised by the Swedish government. Its IATA airline designator, 2N, is shared with the Ukrainian Південмашавіа / Yuzhmashair.

One of the airline's investors was former member of ABBA, Björn Ulvaeus. It also operated taxi and executive charter flights with two business jet aircraft. Since 2012, the main owner of Nextjet had been Örnsköldsvik's local business life through Höga Kusten Flyg AB, and the owner's aim was to secure the air connections to Stockholm. Since July 2016 Nextjet group (Nextjet Sverige AB, Nextjet AB and Sweports AB and Höga Kusten Flyg -brand) is mutually owned by Jakobstad-based energy company Katternö, Air Åland and Magnus Ivarsson - current Nextjet CEO and one of airline founders.[7]

On 16 May 2018, the airline filed for bankruptcy. It subsequently shut down operations and cancelled all flights that departed after 1pm that day.[8] However on 1 June 2018, the airline was purchased by Olsen Group to resume operations on 11 June 2018, rebranding the airline as Air Scandic.[9][10]


NextJet served the following destinations (as of May 2017):[4]

Country City Airport name
 Finland Helsinki Helsinki Airport
 Finland Kokkola / Jakobstad Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport
 Finland Mariehamn Secondary hub Mariehamn Airport
 Finland Oulu Oulu Airport
 Finland Pori Secondary hub Pori Airport
 Finland Turku Turku Airport
 Norway Tromsø Tromsø Airport
 Sweden Arvidsjaur Arvidsjaur Airport
 Sweden Gällivare Gällivare Airport
 Sweden Gothenburg Göteborg Landvetter Airport
 Sweden Hemavan Hemavan Airport
 Sweden Jönköping Jönköping Airport
 Sweden Karlstad Karlstad Airport
 Sweden Kramfors Kramfors Airport
 Sweden Luleå Luleå Airport
 Sweden Lycksele Lycksele Airport
 Sweden Stockholm Hub Stockholm-Arlanda Airport
 Sweden Sundsvall Sundsvall-Timrå Airport
 Sweden Vilhelmina Vilhelmina Airport
 Sweden Visby Visby Airport
 Sweden Västerås Stockholm Västerås Airport
 Sweden Örnsköldsvik Örnsköldsvik Airport


At the time of bankruptcy in May 2018, the NextJet fleet included the following aircraft:[3][11]

NextJet fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
ATR 42-300 1 46 operated by DOT LT
BAe ATP 3 68
Bombardier CRJ200 2 50 operated by Voyageur Airways
Saab 340A 3 33-36 1 in 'Swedish Ski Team' special livery
Saab 340B 6 33-36
Total 15

Gällivare airport incident

Six months prior to its demise, Nextjet experienced difficulty when one of its aircraft was sabotaged, resulting in closure of an airport and its air traffic.


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