New Zealand Representative Party

The New Zealand Representative Party was a political party in New Zealand. The party's leader was Reg Turner, a former candidate for the ACT Party.[1]

The party claimed to have no policies and to oppose traditional left-right politics.[2] Despite these claims, it also promoted populist referenda, deregulation, compulsory military service, "stopping the culture for young unmarried women to have babies", and restricting the welfare state.[2] It is thus better described as a right-wing party.

The NZRP believed that list MPs in New Zealand's mixed member proportional electoral system are not properly accountable to voters. As a result, it would run only electorate candidates, and promised to support the party chosen by the majority of the electorate.[2]

The party applied to register its logo with the Electoral Commission,[1] but the application was refused as the logo could confuse voters.[3]

The party ran only a single candidate in the 2008 election. By 2010, its website was defunct. It did not run any candidates in the 2011 election.


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