New Taipei City Hakka Museum

New Taipei City Hakka Museum
General information
Type Museum
Location Sanxia, New Taipei, Taiwan
Technical details
Floor area 4.03 hectares[1]

The New Taipei City Hakka Museum (Chinese: 新北市客家文化園區; pinyin: Xīnběishì Kèjiā Wénhuà Yuánqū) is a museum about the Hakka people in Sanxia District, New Taipei, Taiwan.[2]


The museum was originally established as Taipei County Hakka Museum, but it was later renamed as New Taipei City Hakka Museum.


The museum total area spans over 4.03 hectares.[3]


The museum included the following:

  • Permanent Exhibition Hall
  • Floor 2 Long Corridor
  • Performance Hall
  • Special Exhibition Hall
  • Briefing Room
  • Hakka Fashion Exhibition
  • Conference Hall
  • Restaurants and Specialty Shops
  • Hakka TV Area
  • Family Reading Room
  • Broadwalk


The museum is accessible within walking distance south from Yingge Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration.[4]

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Coordinates: 24°56′30″N 121°21′36″E / 24.94167°N 121.36000°E / 24.94167; 121.36000

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