Naver Whale

Naver Whale
네이버 웨일
Developer(s) Naver Corporation
Initial release March 14, 2017 (2017-03-14)
Development status Active
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Engines Blink
WebKit (iOS)
Type Web browser, mobile browser
License Freeware

Naver Whale (Hangul: 네이버 웨일) is a Korean freeware web browser developed by Naver Corporation, which is also available in English. It became available on Android on April 13, 2018.[1]


Chrome Apps Compatibility

Since the browser has been based on Chromium since its inception in 2011, Google Chrome apps are compatible with the browser.[2]


Pages can be translated through its Naver Papago service and can translate from Korean, Japanese, and many other languages.[3]

Whale Store

The Naver Whale browser has its own extensions that can be accessed through the Whale Store.


The browser requires a mobile telephone number for users to register.


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