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The National People's Congress Foreign Affairs Committee (simplified Chinese: 全国人民代表大会外事委员会; traditional Chinese: 全國人民代表大會外事委員會; pinyin: Quánguó Rénmín Dàibiǎo Dàhuì Wàishì Wěiyuánhuì) is one of nine special committees of the National People's Congress, the national legislature of the People's Republic of China. The special committee was created during the first session of the 6th National People's Congress in June 1983, and has existed for every National People's Congress since.[1]


6th National People's CongressGeng Biao (耿飚)
7th National People's CongressLiao Hansheng (廖汉生)
8th National People's CongressZhu Liang (朱良)
9th National People's CongressZeng Jianhui (曾建徽)
10th National People's CongressJiang Enzhu (姜恩柱)
11th National People's CongressLi Zhaoxing (李肇星)
12th National People's CongressFu Ying (傅莹)
13th National People's CongressZhang Yesui (张业遂)


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