Nan gyi thohk

Nangyi Thohk
Nan gyi thoke
Alternative names နန်းကြီးသုပ်‌ Nangyi Thoke
Course Breakfast, Brunch
Place of origin Myanmar
Main ingredients Thick rice noodles, chicken or pork curry, toasted chickpea flour, sliced onions, chilies, crispy noodles, hard-boiled egg slices, lime juice
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Nan gyi thohk, (Burmese: နန်းကြီးသုပ်‌; also spelt Nangyi thoke or Nangyi thohk) is an a thoke salad dish in Burmese cuisine made with thick round rice noodles mixed with specifically prepared chicken curry.[1] It has been equated as a Burmese version of spaghetti.

The name Nan gyi refers to the round thick rice noodles used while "thoke" means salad.

The dish is often garnished with toasted chickpea flour, sliced onions, chilies, crispy noodles, slices of hard-boiled egg, and zested with lime or lemon.

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