Namkhaeng sai

Namkhaeng sai
Alternative names Wan yen
Type Shaved ice or snow cone
Place of origin Thailand
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Namkhaeng sai (Thai: น้ำแข็งไส, pronounced [nám.kʰɛ̌ŋ sǎj]) is a Thai dessert version of shaved ice or snow cone. It is also known as wan yen (หวานเย็น, pronounced [wǎːn jēn]).[1] In the Thai version the toppings (mixings) are at the bottom. There are between 20-30 varieties of mixings used, among them are young coconut that has been soaked in coconut milk, black sticky rice, chestnuts, sweetened taro, red beans, cheng-sim-ee (special flour that is very chewy and slippery).

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