NBA Radio Network

The NBA Radio Network was the official national radio broadcaster, distributed by Public Interest Affiliates[1] (PIA[2]), a Chicago radio syndication company, of National Basketball Association games (more specifically, a regular season game of the week,[3] the All-Star Game,[4] as many as 31 playoff contests, including all of the conference finals and Finals, and even the draft and lottery) from the 1990-91[5] through the 1994-95 season. NBA Radio was ultimately supplanted by ESPN Radio.



Color commentators

Sideline reporters

Studio hosts

  • Chet Coppock (1990–1991, 1991 NBA Draft host)
  • Tom Hanneman (1993–1995)
  • Glenn Ordway (NBA Draft host, 1993–1995)

Studio analysts


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Preceded by
ABC Radio
National radio broadcaster, NBA
Succeeded by
ESPN Radio
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