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The music of Northeast China is influenced by the folk traditions of the Manchu and other ethnic groups in the region. There is a great variety of music in the region, with the most well known throughout China possibly being the Youyouzha, a kind of lullaby that has spread throughout the country. Prominent performers from the Northeast include the mid-20th-century film composer Lei Zhenbang and pop stars Xiao Ke and Na Ying.

Ethnic Manchu music is dominated by percussion instruments and it has largely been influenced by their native shamanism. Two forms of drum prevail, the wooden framed imcin, and the metal framed dangu which also has a handle attached to the ring. The dangu is the instrument most strongly identified with Manchu shamans.

The octagonal drum is an important and distinctive musical instrument, said to derive from one made from eight pieces of wood given by the eight tribes of the Manchu people, thus symbolizing the unity of these tribes. During the Qing Dynasty, the instrument spread to Beijing and Tianjin, and is still known there

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