In Islam, the munafiqun ('hypocrites', Arabic: منافقون, singular منافق munāfiq) were a group decried in the Quran as outward Muslims who were secretly unsympathetic to the cause of Muslims and actively sought to undermine the Muslim community. The hypocrisy itself is called nifāq (نفاق).

Types of hypocrisy

  • Hypocrisy towards God regarding actual faith. (Q2:8) and (Q2:14)
  • Hypocrisy towards the tenets of faith: for example, somebody may believe in God, Judgment Day, accounting, scales of deeds and Hellfire, but not fear them at all or not refrain from committing sins because of them. Yet he claims, "I fear God."
  • Hypocrisy towards others: somebody is double-faced and double-tongued. He praises someone in their presence, then, behind their back, he denounces them and tries to cause them pain and harm them.”

Munafiqun in the Qur'an

The Qur'an has many verses discussing munāfiqūn, referring to them as more dangerous to Muslims than the worst non-Muslim enemies of Islam.

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