Mu'aqqir (Arabic: معقر) or Amr Ibn Aws b. Himar al-Bariqi [1] (died 580 CE),[2] a knight and the leader of the Bariq tribe which was in Bariq Of Azd Yemen and was famous for its glory,[3][4] He is considered one of the greatest writers of Arabic poetry in pre-Islamic (Jahiliyyah) times.[5][6][7]


Amr b. al-Harith b. Aws b. Himar b. Hjna b. Mazen b. Thailbh b. Kinanah al-Bariqi [8] ibn bariq Ibn Uday Ibn Haritha Ibn Amr Mazikiee Ibn Aamr bin Haritha Algtarif bin Imru al-Qais Thailb bin Mazen Ibn Al-Azd Ibn Al-Ghoth Ibn Nabit Ibn Malik bin Zaid Ibn Kahlan Ibn Saba'a ( Sheba ) Ibn Yashjub Ibn Yarab Ibn Qahtan Ibn Hud (prophet) (Eber).


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