Founded 2000 (2000)
Headquarters Boca Raton, Florida, USA
Products Online movie tickets
Parent Fandango Media
Website is an online movie ticketing website founded by AMC Theatres and in 2000 with National Amusements, CBS Corporation and Famous Players all coming on board prior to launch.[1] It is now a subsidiary of Fandango Media. provides movie times for all theaters, and online ticket purchasing for all National Amusements theaters and all Clearview Cinemas, among other smaller chains; such as Mann Theatres in Los Angeles. In 2010, sold over 16 million tickets for over 200 exhibitors with 14,000 screens.[2]

Providing advance ticketing services to 250 theaters chains, represents over 50 percent of the top 100 grossing theaters in North America on any given weekend.[3]

In 2004, became the exclusive online ticket vendor for, after having entered in a partnership in 2001 that crosslinked their ticketing offerings.[4] Then, in mid-2005, established a ticket distribution relationship with consignment ticket reseller PrintTixUSA, adding 20 movie exhibition companies to its ranks and boosting the total number of screens serviced nationwide to more than 10,000.[5] Since then, however, had lost ground, losing sole rights to the AMC chain and Moviefone's telephone arm to rival Fandango.

In October 2017, was purchased by Fandango Media, giving the company a total of over 40,000 screens worldwide.

Competition with Fandango

Acquisitions and mergers of movie chains have complicated matters regarding which ticketing companies provide online ticketing for a particular theatre chain. lost the Hoyts theater chain when it was acquired by the Regal Entertainment Group theater chain, a founder of rival online ticketing agency Fandango; however, when Regal acquired Consolidated Theatres, the latter retained its contractual relationship with MovieTickets.

Prior to 2012, provided online ticketing for AMC Theatres except those originally part of the Loews Cineplex Entertainment chain, whose online ticketing is provided by Fandango due to contractual obligations in place prior to the 2005 merger of the two movie chains.[6] In 2002, Loews had attempted to break the contract under pressure of bankruptcy and from (then) AOL Moviefone and its partner, Loews' Cineplex subsidiary; Fandango successfully sued both Loews and Moviefone and retained the Loews business.[7] Furthermore, as of February 8, 2012, Fandango began providing ticketing for non-Loews AMC Theatres in the US as well,[8] after which's fellow shareholders sued AMC for breach of contract.[9] AMC and settled in 2013, with an agreement that the theater chain's online ticketing would be available on both Fandango and[10]

In May 2012, former partner Moviefone announced a new partnership with Fandango when its relationship with lapsed.[11][12]

In 2015, Regal Entertainment Group announced that they would begin to offer tickets on on a non-exclusive basis, as Regal tickets retained their availability on Fandango.[13]

The competition ended with the purchase of by Fandango.

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