Moscow Programme

The Moscow Programme was a television channel in the Soviet Union. It had a political focus and discussed events in Moscow. Now it is a television station broadcast by the Moscow City Government named TV Center.


The Moscow Programme was established in 1955. It broadcast from the Shabolovka television building in Moscow.

As part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution in 1967, the new television headquarters was established at Ostankino in Moscow. At this point, all central television programmes in the USSR emanated from there.

The Moscow Programme transmitted its channel over the SECAM D/K band. In the 1980s it also expanded via the Gorizont satellite across much of Europe and Asia.

In connection with the dissolution of the USSR, the Moscow Programme ceased its transmission by Soviet Central Television in October 1991. In Moscow the Moscow Programme continued to broadcast on the same frequency under the management of the Moscow Television Company. It aired programmes from 2x2 in the evening. This channel became TV Center in 1997.

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