Montenegrin presidential election, 2002

Montenegrin presidential election, 2002

22 December 2002

Nominee Filip Vujanović Dragan Hajduković
Party DPSSDP Independent
Popular vote 175,328 12,319
Percentage 85.73% 6.02%

President before election

Milo Đukanović

Elected President

None elected
(election invalid)

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Presidential elections were held in the Republic of Montenegro on 22 December 2002.[1] Although Filip Vujanović won the election with 86% of the vote, turnout was less than the required 50%, so the election was declared invalid.[1] Fresh elections were held in February 2003, which were also invalidated, and then again in May when the turnout rule was abolished.

The elections were boycotted by the opposition Socialist People's Party, who accused the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists of pressurising civil servants to vote for Vujanović.[2] The elections were also overshadowed by the arrest of Deputy State Attorney Zoran Piperović for connections with human trafficking and forced prostitution.[2]


Candidate Party Votes %
Filip VujanovićDPSSDP175,32885.73
Dragan HajdukovićIndependent12,3196.02
Aleksandar VasiljevićSerbian Radical Party6,4483.15
Milo RadulovićNatural Law Party3,1151.52
Obrad MarkovićYugoslav Communists1,7470.85
Jovan PejovićIndependent1,7040.83
Milan ŠparovićIndependent1,2290.60
Ilija DarmanovićSerbian Radical Party of Montenegro9710.47
Milivoje BakićIndependent7170.35
Đorđije MilićIndependent4890.24
Mihailo MarkovićIndependent4370.21
Invalid/blank votes5,094
Registered voters/turnout456,98145.87
Source: IFES


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