Montenegrin parliamentary election, 2002

Montenegrin parliamentary election, 2002
20 October 2002

Party Leader % Seats ±
ECG Milo Đukanović 48.0 39 +3
ZZP Predrag Bulatović 38.4 30 -3
LSCG Miodrag Živković 5.8 4 -2
AZ Fuad Nimani 2.4 2 0
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Filip Vujanović
Milo Đukanović

Parliamentary elections were held in Montenegro on 20 October 2002.[1] The result was a victory for the For a European Montenegro alliance formed by the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro and the Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, which won 39 of the 75 seats.[2] It was the last parliamentary election held in Montenegro prior to independence in 2006.

Electoral system

Of the 75 seats in Parliament, 73 were elected by proportional representation in a nationwide constituency and two were elected in a special constituency for the Albanian minority.[3] The electoral threshold was set at 3% and seats allocated using the d'Hondt method.[3] Closed lists were used with a single list for both constituencies, although parties only had to awawrd half their seats according to the order of the list, with the remaining half free for them to allocate.[3]


Party Votes % Seats
For a European Montenegro (DPSSDP)167,16648.039
Together for Change (SNPSNSNS)133,89438.430
Liberal Alliance of Montenegro20,3065.84
Patriotic Coalition for Yugoslavia9,9112.80
Albanians Together (DUADS CG)8,4982.42
Bosniak Democratic Coalition2,4800.70
Bosniak Coalition2,1730.60
Other parties3,9881.10
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout455,79174.6
Source: Nohlen & Stöver
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Name Abbreviation Ideology Leader MPs
Democratic Party of Socialists
Demokratska partija socijalista
Демократска партија социјалиста
DPS Social democracy
Milo Đukanović
31 / 75
Socialist People's Party
Socijalistička narodna partija
Социјалистичка народна партија
SNP Social democracy
Predrag Bulatović
19 / 75
Social Democratic Party
Socijaldemokratska partija
Социјалдемократска партија
SDP Social democracy
Ranko Krivokapić
8 / 75
Serb People's Party
Srpska Narodna stranka
Српска Народна странка
SNS Conservatism
Serbian nationalism
Andrija Mandić
6 / 75
People's Party
Narodna stranka
Народна странка
NS Conservatism
Dragan Šoć
5 / 75
Liberal Alliance of Montenegro
Liberalni savez Crne Gore
Либерални савез Црне Горе
LSCG Liberalism
Miodrag Živković
4 / 75
Democratic League in Montenegro
Demokratski savez u Crnoj Gori
Lidhja Demokratike në Mal të Zi
DS Albanian minority interests Mehmet Bardhi
1 / 75
Democratic Union of Albanians
Demokratska unija Albanaca
Unioni Demokratik i Shqipëtarëve
DUA Albanian minority interests
Social conservatism
Fuad Nimani
1 / 75


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