Mongolian units

Mongolian units are the traditional units of measurement of the Mongolian people.


MongolianEnglish transliterationEquivalent toIn metric system (approximate)
хумсны толиоhumsnii toliowidth of index finger nail1-1,2 cm
хурууhuruuindex finger width1,5 - 2 cm
ямхyamhlength of index finger distal phalanx3,5 cm
баримbarimfist width8-9 cm
мухар сөөмmuhar söömdistance between stretched thumb and proximal phalanx of index finger12-15 cm
үзүүр сөөмüzür söömdistance between stretched thumb and index finger18 cm
төөtöödistance between stretched thumb and middle finger19-20 cm
мухар тохойmuhar tohoidistance between elbow and fist33 cm
үзүүр тохойüzür tohoidistance between elbow and middle finger, =20 huruu40 cm
алхамalhamdistance of one step50 cm
дэлэмdelemdistance between outstretched arm and opposite shoulder95 cm
эгэмegem=1,5 delem135 cm
алдalddistance between outstretched arms, =4 üzür tohoi1,6 м
гөрөмgöröm= 2000 ald3,000 m
бээрbeer= 4 göröm12,000 м
өртөөörtöö30 km
хагас өдрийн газарhalf-day horse ride distance, =1,5 örtöö40 – 45 km
өдрийн газарone day horse ride distance, =3 örtöö90 – 100 km
хоногийн газарa day and night horse ride distance, =4 örtöö120 – 130 km


MongolianEnglish transliterationIn metric system
пүүpüü16,5 kg
жинjin596,816 g
ланlan37,301 g
цэнtsen3,7301 g

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