Money Free Party

The Money Free Party is an international political party that is active in 16 countries: United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States, Sri Lanka, Portugal, South Africa, India, Italy, Ghana, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Belgium and Romania. The party advocates for a "Resource Based Economy" (RBE), a world of free access where all work is voluntary. The party has also established RBE groups in other countries around the world. It is based upon the ideals of Jacque Fresco for a Resource-Based Economy, as advocated by the US-based The Venus Project.[1]

Political activities in New Zealand

Money Free Party NZ is led by Richard Osmaston, who founded the party.[2] Osmaston had stood for the mayor of Nelson in 2013[3] before founding the party in 2014.

The party did not gain enough members to register for the 2014 general election.[4] It stood five electorate candidates,[5] but none were successful. Party members stood for multiple mayoralties in the 2016 local elections, such as Richard Osmaston in Nelson,[6] Gordon Marshall in Porirua and Ted Howard in Kaikoura.[7] As of January 2017, the party's website states that they "expect to have a major presence" in the 2017 general election.[8]

Political activities in the United Kingdom

Money Free Party-UK (MFP-UK) is led by Jodian Rodgers.[9]

It was a registered party in Great Britain from September 2013 to November 2016 when it was statutorily deregistered.[10] Its registered leader in the UK in Nick Tapping. In March 2017 the UK Electoral Commission approved the application of Money Free Party.[11] MFP-UK is currently working on its platform and holding candidate training seminars, in order to begin to field candidates in the near future.

In March 2017, MFP-UK published a revised constitution on its Facebook page.[12]

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