Mogwa-cheong made with honey
Alternative names Preserved quince
Type Cheong
Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Main ingredients Chinese quince
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Korean name
Hangul 모과청
Hanja (*木)瓜淸
Revised Romanization mogwa-cheong
McCune–Reischauer mogwa-ch'ǒng
IPA [mo.ɡwa.tɕʰʌŋ]

Mogwa-cheong (모과청) or preserved quince is a cheong made by sugaring Chinese quince. Either sugar or honey can be used to make mogwa-cheong.[1] Mogwa-cheong is used as a tea base for mogwa-cha (quince tea) and mogwa-hwachae (quince punch), or as an ingredient in sauces and salad dressings.[2][3]

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