Formation 1997 (1997)
Type Association of UK universities
  • United Kingdom
Professor Dave Phoenix

MillionPlus, formerly known as the Campaign for Mainstream Universities and the Coalition of Modern Universities (CMU), is a membership organisation, which aims to promote the role of "modern universities" in the UK higher education system; it describes itself as "The Association for Modern Universities in the UK".[1][2][3] MillionPlus is funded by subscriptions from its members, currently 20 UK universities.[4] While all of the member institutions are "new" universities, many have long histories as colleges and polytechnics.

Formed in 1997 as the Coalition of Modern Universities, the name was changed in 2004 to the Campaign for Mainstream Universities. In November 2007, the organisation was rebranded with the present name.[5][6][7] This name was chosen to reflect the fact that the member institutions educate over a million students.[2]

MillionPlus is involved in the political debate about the role and contribution of universities to the economy and society, where it is seen as representing the post-1992 "new" universities. As such, it is frequently quoted in the media on higher education topics, such as the Government's green paper on higher education reform,[8][9] reform of the external examination system,[10] and the economic diversity of the student population.[11]

The group is chaired by Professor David Phoenix, Vice-Chancellor of London South Bank University. The Chief Executive is Dr Greg Walker.[12]

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