Micha language

Central Yi
Native to China
Region Yunnan
Ethnicity >1,000 (1999)[1] to 50,000 Yi (2007)[2]
Native speakers
30,000 (2007)[2]
(assuming an ethnic population of 50,000)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 yiq
Glottolog miqi1235[3]

Micha, or Miqie (Chinese: 密察; autonym: mi55 tɕhe21 pho21[4]), is a Loloish language of Yunnan. Usage is declining.


Micha (mi˥tɕʰi˨˩ or mi˥tɕʰe˨˩) is most closely related to Lipo, Lolopo, and Lisu (Gao 2014).

The autonym mi13 sɑ21 pɑ21[5] is used by Lalo speakers, and should not be confused with Micha.


Micha is spoken by about 9,000 in north-central Yunnan, in Wuding County, Luquan County, and Fumin County (Gao 2014).

  • Wuding County: Shedianxiaocun, Yongtaoxiacun, Yongtaozhongcun, Yangliuhe, Maichacun, Wodudacun, Woduxincun, Shuiduifang, Shanjudacun, Shanjuxiacun, Yangjiacun, Luomian, Xiagubai, Yanziwo, Shudecun, Dacun, Xincun, Baisha, Dashiban, Puxi Xincun, Yangliuhe, Nanshancun, Maidishan, Daxinzhuang, Yangjiucun, Nuomizha, Bizu
  • Luquan County: Shanglaowu, Xiashihuiyao, Qinglongqing, Bailike, Yantang, Pingtian, Damituo, Xicun
  • Fumin County: Madishangcun, Madixiacun, Madishaocun

According to the Nanjian County Gazetteer (1993), Micha (密岔) is also spoken in Nanjian County, around Aliwu 阿里勿[6] and Santaishan 三台山,[7] southeast of Dali.


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