Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser
Developer(s) iLegendSoft, Inc.
Stable release
3.2.3 / August 17, 2015 (2015-08-17)
Operating system Android[1]
Type Mobile browser
License Freeware

Mercury Browser is a freeware mobile browser for Android, developed by iLegendSoft. Mercury Browser uses the Webkit engine. It was formerly available for iOS, but in sometime in 2017 it was removed from the App Store.


Mercury Browser supports tabbed browsing, where users can open and switch between web pages with multiple tabs either at the top of the display or a thumbnail at the bottom. The browser also supports over ten gestures for ten functions, a browser sync allowing the user to sync Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome desktop bookmarks across devices, a private mode that stops the browser from recording the user's search history and cookies, integrated ad blocking, a night mode that dims the screen, and a reading view.[2]

Adobe Flash is only supported in the Android version of the browser.[1]


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