Mauritian League

Mauritian Premier League
Founded 1935
Country Mauritius
Confederation CAF
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to National First Division
Domestic cup(s) MFA Cup
Republic Cup
International cup(s) Champions League
Confederation Cup
Current champions Pamplemousses SC
Most championships Fire Brigade SC (13)
FC Dodo (13)
TV partners Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation
2017–18 Mauritian Premier League

Mauritian Premier League is the top division of football in Mauritius, governed by the Mauritius Football Association since its establishment in 1935.

Premier League – 2017–18 Clubs

National First Division – 2017–18 Clubs

National Second Division – 2017–18 Clubs

  • SC Jeanne D'Arc
  • WBA Barkly
  • Grande Riviere Noire West Coast
  • La Cure Waves SC
  • Black Horns SC
  • US Beau Bassin-Rose Hill
  • Upper Vale Starlight SC
  • Grand Bel Air Spurs FC


Current stadiums

Port Louis Curepipe Belle Vue Maurel Central Flacq Quatre Bornes Mahébourg Bambous Beau Bassin-Rose Hill Curepipe
St. François Xavier Stadium Stade George V Stade Anjalay Stade Auguste Vollaire Stade Sir Guy Rozemont Stade Harry Latour Germain Comarmond Stadium Sir Gaëtan Duval Stadium Sir Winston Churchill Stadium (Vélodrome)
Capacity: 2,500 Capacity: 6,200 Capacity: 18,000 Capacity: 4,000 Capacity: 1,000 Capacity: 2,000 Capacity: 5,000 Capacity: 6,500 Capacity: 2,000

Previous winners

Performance by club

Club City Titles Last Title
Fire Brigade SCBeau Bassin-Rose Hill131998–99
FC DodoCurepipe131968
Police ClubPort-Louis71981–82
AS Port-Louis 2000Port-Louis62015–16
Faucon FlacqFlacq51958
Cadets Club (includes Hindu Cadets)Quatre Bornes41985–86
Curepipe Starlight SCCurepipe42012–13
Pamplemousses SCPamplemousses42016–17
Racing ClubQuatre Bornes21977–78
Scouts Club (includes Muslim Scouts Club)Port-Louis21997–98
Cercle de Joachim SCCurepipe22014–15
Collège St. EspritQuatre Bornes11947
Curepipe SCCurepipe11935
Olympique de MokaMoka12000–01

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