Matevž (puréed beans with cracklings) is a Slovene national dish. The dish is typical of central Slovenia, especially of the Kočevsko region. It is made of beans and potatoes. Its origins come from the 19th century. Originally the lower social classes ate it as a main course. The dish is also known as krompirjev mož (potato man), medved (bear) or even as belokranjski mož (White Carniola man). The term matevž is a derivative from male name Matej or Matevž (Matthew). Matej or Matevž word origins to many other dialectical expressions: to have matevža means to have a hangover.[1]

It is mostly served as a side dish. It is usually eaten with sauerkraut or turnips.


Overnight soaked beans put in cold water, add butter and laurel leaf, then boil. Separately, cook peeled potatoes, strain water, add butter, sour cream, and cracklings. Mix cooked beans with buttered potatoes and puree. Add garlic.

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