Martin Timell

Martin Timell
Timell at the Kristallen gala in 2013
Born Carl Martin Timell
(1957-11-13) 13 November 1957
Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation Carpenter, television presenter

Carl Martin Timell (born 13 November 1957) is a Swedish television presenter.

He started his career as a television host on SVT in the 1980s, hosting several entertainment and children's programs. In 1996 he moved to TV4 where he worked as one of the channel's main profiles, as a host for multiple television programs. He is best known for hosting Äntligen hemma, one of the most successful and long-running Swedish Do it yourself-shows, since 1997.

In October 2017, all of Timell's shows on TV4 were cancelled after the hashtag #MeToo had been used by a few women to point out Timell's sexual and mental abuse of them.[1] He was also suspended from TV4.[2] On 6 March 2018 he was formally charged with rape for having performed digital penetration on a woman against her will whilst having a bath in a hot tub. The incident was alleged to have taken place in the fall of 2008.[3] The trial began on 21 May 2018 and on 8 June he was acquitted.[4][5]

Timell is married and has two children. He is the brother of Anders Timell, a Swedish restaurant manager and radio host.[6]


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