Marko Milačić

Marko Milačić
Марко Милачић
Born 1985
Podgorica, SR Montenegro, SFR Yugoslavia
Occupation Journalist, politician
Political party True Montenegro

Marko Milačić (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Марко Милачић) (born in 1985, in Podgorica, Montenegro) is a Montenegrin journalist, and populist politician. He is the founder and current president of extra-parliamentary political party True Montenegro. He ran for president in the 2018 presidential election of Montenegro, and received 2.8% of the popular vote.


Milačić completed elementary and secondary school in Podgorica, graduated and obtained a master's degree in journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Montenegro. He is fluent in Serbian and English.[1] Milačić worked for the Montenegrin national public service (RTCG) as a reporter and news presenter for several years.

Political career

In 2014 Milačić became one of the founders of the non-governmental organization "Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro]".[2] Through the years he maintained cooperation with a number of populist politicians and activists, such as Croatian Human Shield founders Ivan Pernar and Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, Bosnian conceptual artist Damir Nikšić and Serbian-Canadian film director and right-wing political activist Boris Malagurski.

He decided to enter political life in 2016 by joining the newly founded Mladen Bojanić's Resistance to Hopelessness (OB), an anti-establishment and anti-NATO political movement, and become member of Democratic Front (DF) electoral list for 2016 parliamentary election, but failed to enter the Parliament. After Bojanić's abandonment of OB in 2017, Milačić became de facto leader of movement. In February 2018, he established the populist political party True Montenegro and ran as the party's candidate for President of Montenegro in the April 2018 elections; he received 2.8% of the votes.[3]

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