Market Watch

Market Watch
Presented by Liz Claman
Tyler Mathisen
Ted David
Consuelo Mack
Country of origin United States
Running time 120 minutes
Original network CNBC
Original release 19 January 1998 – 1 February 2002
Preceded by Money Wheel
Followed by Midday Call

Market Watch is a show on CNBC that aired from 10 am to 12 noon ET, hosted by Martha MacCallum and Ted David (for the first hour), and Bob Sellers and Consuelo Mack (for the second hour). It was replaced by Midday Call on 4 February 2002.

The show gave viewers the latest business news during the morning trading session. Regular segments included Taking Stock where viewers could phone-in and ask the guest analysts' recommendations on certain stocks.

Worldwide Market Watch

Around CNBC's global branches, there are many counterparts of Market Watch in the world.

CNBC AsiaAsia Market Watch3 April 2000 – 23 March 2007CNBC's Cash Flow
Nikkei CNBCTokyo Market Watch2001–presentN/A
CNBC EuropeEuropean Market Watch1999 – May 30, 2003Morning Exchange
CNBC EuropeGlobal Market Watch (European edition)October 1998 – January 15, 2001Today's Business Europe
CNBC AsiaGlobal Market Watch (Asian edition)3 April 2000 – 27 October 2000Business Center

Asia Market Watch

Asia Market Watch
Presented by Rico Hizon
Amanda Drury
Lisa Oake
Teymoor Nabili
Running time 180 minutes (3 hours)
Original network CNBC Asia
Original release 3 April 2000 – 23 March 2007
Preceded by Trading Day
Followed by 9am – 10am:
Asia Squawk Box
10AM – 12PM:
CNBC's Cash Flow
(UTC +8)
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Asia Market Watch was a business news programme aired on CNBC Asia from 9 a.m. to noon, Hong Kong/Singapore/Taiwan time. The programme, presented by Amanda Drury, took its name from the previous CNBC US programme Market Watch. The programme was also aired in part on CNBC Europe and in its entirety in the US on CNBC World.

Although it was referred to as Asia Market Watch in programme listings and by some presenters, the programme's title sequence and graphics referred to the programme only as Market Watch since 30 October 2000. The programme, which debuted a new logo on 30 October 2006, then used the theme music previously adopted by Street Signs (as the same as formerly Business Center).

When the programme debuted in April 2000, it was entitled Asia Market Watch and only lasted for 1 hour with the 2nd half-hour a replay of the 1st half-hour. However, in October 2000, as part of CNBC Asia's extension of live regional programming, it was simply renamed Market Watch and aired live for 3½ hours on Weekdays (2 hours in the morning from 10–12 SIN time and 1½ hours from 14–15.30 SIN time). Prior to 2 January 2001, CNBC Asia used graphics for the show different from the one used by CNBC US.

The programme tracked the current trading in the Asian session, with link ups to bourses across Asia, including Tokyo and Sydney.

The programme ended its run on 23 March 2007 as part of a major schedule revamp by CNBC Asia. The timeslot currently occupied by the show has been split between a new-look Asia Squawk Box and a new programme, CNBC's Cash Flow.

Global Market Watch's Asian edition aired originally at 17:30 SIN time and was seen exclusively in Asia following a similar format to its European counterpart. It was originally hosted solely by Martin Soong but he was joined by Grace Phan when the show moved to 20:30 SIN time in July 2000.

  • Rico Hizon (3 April 2000 – 27 October 2000)
  • Rico Hizon (morning) (30 October 2000 – December 2000)
  • Sushita Vadlamani (morning) (2000–2001)
  • Lisa Oake (afternoon) (30 October 2000 – December 2000)
  • Amanda Drury (2001–2002 & 2004 – 23 March 2007)
  • Teymoor Nabili (2002–2003)

European Market Watch

European Market Watch
European Market Watch logo, 2001-01-15 – 2003-05-30
Presented by Axel Threlfall
Prue Lewarne
Simon Hobbs
Country of origin United Kingdom
Running time 120 minutes
Original network CNBC Europe
Original release ? – 2003-05-30
Preceded by European Money Wheel
Followed by Morning Exchange

European Market Watch was a business news programme aired on CNBC Europe between 10 am-noon CET (9-11am WET). The programme was originally based on the CNBC US morning programme Market Watch, which was later replaced by the programme Morning Call. Just like its US counterpart, European Market Watch presented viewers with the latest market information and in-depth analysis of the stories making business.

Global Market Watch's European Edition, was originally named Market Watch in 1998 to give a midday recap of Asian markets and preview the day in Europe. It aired at 05:00–05:30 BST and was anchored by Geoff Cutmore in London and Cecilia Zecha in Singapore with Simon Hobbs and Bernard Lo as stock watchers. In 1999, it was renamed Global Market Watch and was solely anchored by Simon Hobbs but CNBC Asia stock watchers continued to give an update on Asian action.

Tokyo Market Watch

Tokyo Market Watch
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
Original network Nikkei CNBC
Original release 2001 – present
Preceded by ?
Followed by incumbent
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Tokyo Market Watch is a business news programme aired from 2:05 to 2:23 pm JST weekdays on Nikkei CNBC.

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