Margareta Hasbjörnsdatter

Margareta Hasbjörnsdatter
Queen consort of Denmark
Reign 1076–1080
Born unknown (before 1076)
Died unknown (after 1080)
Burial Roskilde Cathedral
Spouse Harald III of Denmark
Father Asbjörn Ulfsen

Margareta Hasbjörnsdatter or Margareta Asbjørnsdatter (11th century) was Queen consort of Denmark as the spouse of King Harald III.

Margareta was the daughter of jarl Asbjörn Ulfsen, possibly an uncle of her spouse; she would thereby have been her husband's cousin. No children are known from the marriage. The dates of her birth and death are unknown.

A DNA test in 2003 dispelled the centuries-old legend that Estrid Svendsdatter was buried in the northeastern pier of the Roskilde Cathedral. The new theory is that the sign on the pier refers to Margareta Hasbjörnsdatter, who was also known as Estrid.[1]


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Preceded by
Gunhild Sveinsdotter
Queen consort of Denmark
Succeeded by
Adela of Flanders
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