Mangesh, Iraq

A picture of the town of Mangesh, 2011
Coordinates: 37°02′08.0″N 43°05′35.5″E / 37.035556°N 43.093194°E / 37.035556; 43.093194Coordinates: 37°02′08.0″N 43°05′35.5″E / 37.035556°N 43.093194°E / 37.035556; 43.093194
Country  Iraq
Autonomous region  Kurdistan
Governorate Dohuk Governorate
District Dohuk District
  Total 3,000

Mangesh (Syriac: ܡܲܢܓܹܫ) is an Assyrian town in the region of Dohuk of northern Iraq. The town is located in the Sapna valley between Amedi to the east and Zakho to the west. The town has lots of historic architecture, as it was not destroyed during the Al-Anfal Campaigns of 1988 like most of the other villages and towns in the region, and is the regional center of Mangesh Commune.[1][2]

Several Assyrian leading figures were assassinated under unknown circumstances in the town, and, according to AINA, there is repression of the local Assyrian population by the Kurdistan regional government.[3][4]

The former Assyrian Democratic Movement politician, Francis Shabo, who was assassinated by a group of Kurdish assassins originated from Mangesh. [5] [6]

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