Malta–Ukraine relations

Maltese-Ukrainian relations



Maltese-Ukrainian relations are foreign relations between Malta and Ukraine. The Maltese embassy in Moscow (Russia) is also accredited as a non resident embassy to Ukraine. Ukraine is represented in Malta through its embassy in Rome (Italy).


In July 2008, Maltese President Eddie Fenech Adami and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko met and issued a joint statement indicating a desire for further development of relations between the two countries.[1] They also discussed trade prospects and liberalization of visa regime.[2]

Malta is ready to support Ukraine in its efforts for political and economic reform in conformity with European Union agreed standards. In July 2008, the Maltese President spoke of Malta’s experience in the process leading to and including EU membership: restructuring to conform to EU standards.[1][3]


In July 2008, the two presidents signed two cooperation agreements in fighting organized crime and in tourism.[4] The two countries also have an agreement on education and culture.[5]

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