Major League Baseball Rookie of the Month Award

The Rookie of the Month award is a Major League Baseball award named by each league every month of the regular season.


Italics denote the winner of that year's Rookie of the Year Award. Huston Street (2005, AL), Michael Fulmer (2016, AL) and Hanley Ramírez (2006, NL) are the only Rookie of the Year winners to have not won the Rookie of the Month award at least once, since the latter was established.

Out of a possible six months, Ichiro Suzuki (2001, AL), Mike Trout (2012, AL) and Aaron Judge (2017, AL) won the Rookie of the Month award four times while Jason Bay (2004, NL) and José Abreu (2014, AL) both won it three times. A number of players have won it twice.

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