Macedonian Youth Secret Revolutionary Organization

The Macedonian Youth Secret Revolutionary Organization or MYSRO; (Bulgarian: Македонска младежка тайна революционна организация, Macedonian: Македонска младинска тајна револуционерна организација), was the name of a secret pro-Bulgarian youth organization established by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization, active across the most regions of Macedonia between 1922-1941.[1] The statue of MYSRO was approved personally from the leaderof the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO), Todor Alexandrov.[2] The aim of MYSRO was in concordance with the statue of IMRO - unification of all of Macedonia in an authonomous unit, within a future Balkan Federative Republic.[3]

It was established in 1921-1922 in Zagreb by students from Vardar Macedonia, it soon gained influence amongst Macedonian communities in Belgrade, Vienna, Graz, Prague, Ljubljana and other places where there Macedonian students.[4]

In a short time its influence had spread amongst the student youth in the annexed regions and across Europe. When the Serbian authorities uncovered the existence of MYSRO in June 1927, they realized their assimilatory policies had failed and they unilaterally closed all schools in Vardar Macedonia, depriving some one million people of any education opportunities.[5]

After the Skopje trials of MYSRO followers, the local intelligentsia devolved the organizational structure even further. In Greece the government exiled scores of suspected members to the Aegean Islands. When in 1941 the Yugoslav and Greek rulers were replaced by Bulgarian administration, the organization became marginalized, and ultimately dissolved.



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