Maíz con hielo

Mais con yelo
Course Snack/Dessert
Place of origin Philippines
Serving temperature cold
Main ingredients
Similar dishes

Saba con hielo,

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Maíz con hielo (literally corn with ice in Spanish language, also commonly spelled mais con yelo in Filipino) is a sweet and refreshing snack food in the Philippines.[1]


Maíz con hielo is a mixture of shaved ice, corn kernels, sugar and milk.[1] Usually popular in the summer months,[2] it is a variation of the more renowned halo-halo.[3]


The dessert is prepared with:

-shaved/crushed ice
-cream corn
-evaporated milk
-vanilla ice cream (optional)

The dessert is prepared by adding shaved ice to a glass then pouring evaporated milk on top of the ice. It is then topped off with cream corn and sugar. Vanilla ice cream can also be added on top if desired. It is also stirred before eating.


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