A dish of Lunumiris
Type Sambal
Course Condiment
Place of origin Sri Lanka
Main ingredients Chili and Onions
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Lunumiris (Sinhala:ලුණු මිරිස් [lunu-miris] some also refer it as "Katta Sambal" [Sinhala:කට්ට සම්බෝල [kaṭṭa sambōla]]) is a spicy Sri Lankan sambal paste served as a condiment. It consists of chili pepper, red onions, Maldive fish, sea salt, black pepper and lime juice, usually ground with mortar and pestle or grind stone. However red onions aren't used when making katta sambal, and red onions is used in lunu miris so lunu miris has a more wet texture than katta sambal.

This is a paste which is a little bit hot because of the chili powder added.


The translation of Sinhala word Lunumiris loosely translates to Salt Chili in Sinhala. That is because original version of Lunumiris is made only with chili powder, and salt.


Usually Kiribath, Appam, Bread, Rice,and Roti can be eaten with Lunumiris. This can be eaten almost with any food as a side dish.


Lunumiris contains chili pepper, red onions, Maldive fish, sea salt, black pepper and a little bit of lime juice. This can be made vegetarian, without Maldive fish. This type is hot, but wet, and a little bit crispy because of onions. This should be made with mortar and pestle, or grind stone. This can be made also with hands, but it doesn't give the real taste.[1]

Original version of this is made only with chili powder, sea salt, and lime juice. That is spicy and balances out with salt and lime. This can be made by hands.

Health Effects

There are no noticeable health effects of Lunumiris. But eating too much of this can cause inflammation of stomach because of high chili content.

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