Luigi Bertoni

Luigi Bertoni (18721947) was an Italian-born anarchist writer and typographer.

Bertoni was born in Milan. In July 1900 he founded the anarchist bilingual periodical Il Risveglio/Le Réveil Geneva. He was the editor of the journal until his death in 1947. He was also a regular contributor to Voix du Peuple.

Bertoni was a key figure in the development of the Swiss trade unions, and was arrested several times by the Swiss authorities for his propagandist activities. In 1918 he was imprisoned for thirteen months for allegedly plotting bombing attacks in Italy, but was finally fully cleared of this charge.

Bertoni fought on the Huesca front with Italian comrades during the Spanish Revolution and was, with Emma Goldman, one of the outspoken critics of anarchist participation in the Republican government after the Spanish Civil War.[1] He died in Geneva.


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