Headquarters St. Louis
CEO Gabe Lozano
Website Official website

LockerDome is a native advertising and publishing platform founded in 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri, by CEO Gabe Lozano.[1] Launched as a sports-themed social network, it expanded to other interests with the launch of LockerDome 3.0 in December 2013, and has since further broadened its audience by embedding its content widgets across third-party media websites.[2]

LockerDome’s native ad platform optimizes ROI in real time. LockerDome's publishing platform powers content for thousands of brands and media companies, reaching an audience of millions.[3]

As of December 2014, the company has raised more than $18 million, including $10 million from a Series B funding round led by Cultivation Capital.[4]

The company is now profitable,[5] with plans to expand its headcount in the coming years. In December 2015, LockerDome announced plans to move its headquarters to a larger space at 1314 Washington, with the intention of adding more than 300 employees over the next five years.[6]


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