List of waterfalls of Ukraine

Ukraine has diverse geographic features, including several waterfalls. A vast number of rivers run through the mountain ranges. The snow melt from the mountains feeding the rivers and sudden drops in elevation create many opportunities for waterfalls to form.

Carpathian waterfalls

Most of the waterfalls in the Carpathian Mountains are short and cascade waterfalls. The highest waterfall is the Maniava waterfall, located near the Maniava village (Bohorodchany Raion) which is 14 m (46 ft) tall.

  • Shypit a famous waterfall where an annual festival has been held since 1993, attracts thousands of tourists. The waterfall is created by the Pylypets River, a tributary of Repynka River.
  • Kamianka waterfall It is located by the village of Dubyna, Skole district, L'vivs'ka oblast. The waterfall is a part of the Skole Beskydy National Recreation Reserve of Ukraine.[1]
  • Sukil waterfalls
  • Bukovina waterfalls a landscape hydrological preserve in Putyla Raion. The waterfall is created by Smuhariv Brook, a right tributary of the Cheremosh River.
  • Bukhtivets waterfall part of Bukhtivets Brook (a left tributary of Bystrytsia of Nadvirna), located in the Gorgany mountain range.
  • Silver waterfalls or Sheshory waterfalls created by Pistynka River in Kosiv Raion.
  • Vyshovatyi village waterfall appears after rain showers near one of Tiachiv Raion villages.
  • Voyevodyn waterfall created by the Voyevodyn River within the State orntological reserve "Falcons Rocks".
  • Horodyliv waterfall a cascade of waterfalls created by Horodyliv Brook, a right tributary of the Rika River.
  • Hurkalo
  • Dzembroni waterfalls created by Munchel Brook, a tributary of the Dzembronia River.
  • Drahobrat waterfall created by Kysva Brook, a tributary of the Chorna Tisa River.
  • Zhenetskyi Huk

Crimean waterfalls

  • Uchan-su waterfall the highest Ukrainian waterfall (98 metres) is located on the southern slopes of the Crimean Mountains close to the city of Yalta. The Uchan-su River begins at the foot of Ai-Petri Mountain and flows down the gorge. The waterfall is formed 2 km (1 mi) from the source.
  • Curcur waterfall (Jurjur waterfall) created by Eastern Ulu Ozen (Megapotamo) near Alushta.
  • Jurla waterfall created by Jurla River.
  • Geyser waterfall created by Jurla River.
  • Suv Ucqan waterfall created by Qızıl Qoba River, a tributary of the Salhir River.
  • Golovkinsky waterfall created by Ozen Bas, a tributary of Ulu Ozen.

Non-mountainous waterfalls

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