List of top-division football clubs in non-FIFA countries

This is a list of top-division football clubs in non-FIFA countries.

On the 26 members of the Nouvelle Fédération-Board, only 9 have an autonomous football league system: Chagos Islands, Gozo, Gibraltar, Greenland, Kiribati, Somaliland, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Tuvalu and Zanzibar.


Club Country or region
FC All Whites  Chechnya
FC Naursky District  Chechnya
Vainakh Argun  Chechnya
Orga Argun  Chechnya
Kavkaz Aldy  Chechnya
Alkha Alkhan Yurt  Chechnya
Berd Berdykel  Chechnya
Vedeno Goity  Chechnya
Uragan Goity  Chechnya
Terek Gums Gudermes  Chechnya
Nokhcho Kurchaloi  Chechnya
Typhoon Koshkeldy  Chechnya
Irs Noviye Atagi  Chechnya
Samashki Tolstoy Yurt  Chechnya
Terek Tolstoy Yurt  Chechnya
Avtodor Urus Martan  Chechnya
Naur Naursky  Chechnya
Terek Grozny II  Chechnya
Terek III Republican F.C.  Chechnya
Chekhkar Starye Atagi  Chechnya
Daimokhk Grozny  Chechnya
Kavkaz Grozny  Chechnya
Loko-Gums Gudermes  Chechnya
Spartak Naur  Chechnya
Għajnsielem F.C.  Gozo
Għajnsielem F.C.  Gozo
Nadur Youngsters F.C.  Gozo
S.K. Victoria Wanderers F.C.  Gozo
Sannat Lions F.C.  Gozo
Victoria Hotspurs F.C.  Gozo
Xagħra United F.C.  Gozo
Xewkija Tigers F.C.  Gozo
Aasiaat-97  Greenland
B-67  Greenland
Eqaluk-56  Greenland
G-44  Greenland
Kâgssagssuk  Greenland
FC Malamuk  Greenland
Nagdlunguaq-48  Greenland
UB-68  Greenland
Club Deportivo Cumberland  Chile
Club Deportivo Juan Fernández  Chile
Club Deportivo Selkirk  Chile
Club Deportivo y Social Nocturno  Chile
Abaiang F.C.  Kiribati
Abemana F.C.  Kiribati
Aranuka F.C.  Kiribati
Arorae F.C.  Kiribati
Banaba F.C.  Kiribati
Beru F.C.  Kiribati
Betio Town Council  Kiribati
Butaritari F.C.  Kiribati
Christmas F.C.  Kiribati
Kuria F.C.  Kiribati
Makin F.C.  Kiribati
Maiana F.C.  Kiribati
Marakei F.C.  Kiribati
Nikunau F.C.  Kiribati
Nonouti F.C.  Kiribati
North Tarawa F.C.  Kiribati
Onotoa F.C.  Kiribati
Tabiteuea North F.C.  Kiribati
Tabiteuea South F.C.  Kiribati
Tabuaeran F.C.  Kiribati
Tarawa Urban Council  Kiribati
Tarawa Urban Council II  Kiribati
Teraina F.C.  Kiribati
Binatlı Yılmaz  Northern Cyprus
Bostancı Bağcıl  Northern Cyprus
Çetinkaya Türk  Northern Cyprus
Düzkaya  Northern Cyprus
Gençlik Gücü  Northern Cyprus
Gönyeli  Northern Cyprus
Hamitköy  Northern Cyprus
Küçük Kaymaklı Türk  Northern Cyprus
Lapta  Northern Cyprus
Mağusa Türk Gücü  Northern Cyprus
Tatlısu Halk Ocağı  Northern Cyprus
Türk Ocağı Limasol  Northern Cyprus
Yeni Boğaziçi  Northern Cyprus
Yenicami Ağdelen  Northern Cyprus
FC Manu Laeva  Tuvalu
FC Nanumaga  Tuvalu
FC Niutao  Tuvalu
FC Tofaga  Tuvalu
Nauti FC  Tuvalu
Nui  Tuvalu
Lakena United  Tuvalu
Tamanuku  Tuvalu
Bandari  Zanzibar
JKU FC  Zanzibar
KMKM  Zanzibar
Mafunzo  Zanzibar
Malindi FC  Zanzibar
Miembeni  Zanzibar
Mundu SC  Zanzibar
Mlandege  Zanzibar
Polisi  Zanzibar
Seblen  Zanzibar
Sharp Boys  Zanzibar
Small Simba  Zanzibar
Taifa Jang'ombe  Zanzibar
Urafiki  Zanzibar
Wailes  Zanzibar
Zimamoto  Zanzibar

Non NF-Board countries

Club Country or region
Eckerö IK  Åland
Hammarlands IK  Åland
IF Fram  Åland
IF Östernäskamraterna  Åland
IF Finströms Kamraterna  Åland
IFK Mariehamn  Åland
Jomala IK  Åland
Sunds IF  Åland
Åland United (women)  Åland
Buada Sport  Nauru
Comp Phos  Nauru
Hospital Nauru  Nauru
Nauru Police  Nauru
Work Force Phos  Nauru
University Nauru  Nauru
A.S. Ilienne Amateur  Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
A.S. Miquelonnaise  Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
A.S. Saint Pierraise  Saint-Pierre and Miquelon


  • Åland has its own championship tournament during the winter break, but during the regular season all of the clubs compete either in the Finnish or the Swedish football league system.
  • Chechnya has no domestic league, and all these clubs competed in the Russian football league system.
  • In Juan Fernández Islands there are four amateur clubs, playing only one level.
  • In Nauru were six amateur clubs, playing only one level.
  • In Saint-Pierre and Miquelon there are three amateur clubs, playing only one level.

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