List of suicides in the 21st century

The following are lists of notable people who intentionally killed themselves in the 21st century. Suicides committed under duress are included. Deaths by accident or misadventure are excluded. Individuals who might or might not have died by their own hand, or whose intention to die is in dispute, but who are widely believed to have deliberately killed themselves, may be listed under Possible suicides.

Confirmed suicides





  • Katelyn Davis (2016), American student, hanging, due to abuse, bullying, and depression[77]
  • Charlotte Dawson (2014), Australian TV presenter, hanging, due to cyber bullying[78][79]
  • Brad Delp (2007), American rock musician (Boston), carbon monoxide poisoning in his bathroom using two charcoal grills, suffering from depression.[80]
  • Ronald Desruelles (2015), Belgian athlete, hanging[81]
  • Christopher Dorner (2013), American police officer, shot himself in Angelus Oaks, California[82]
  • Jon Dough (2006), American pornographic actor, hanging[83]
  • Charmaine Dragun (2007), Australian television newsreader, jumped off The Gap, an oceanside cliff in Sydney, after a long battle with depression[84]
  • Dave Duerson (2011), American football player, gunshot[85]
  • Clay Duke (2010), American ex-convict, gunshot, opened fire on the Panama City school board during a meeting after his wife, Rebecca, who was a teacher in the school district, was fired. After getting hit by a bullet from a security officer's pistol, Duke collapsed and then used a remaining bullet in his gun to kill himself.[86]




  • Rick Genest (2018), performance artist, actor and model[100]
  • Sam Gillespie (2003), philosopher whose writings and translations were crucial to the initial reception of Alain Badiou's work in the English-speaking world[101]
  • Lucy Gordon (2009), British actress and model hanged herself on 20 May 2009, after an argument with her boyfriend, cinematographer Jerome Alveras[102][103]
  • Spalding Gray (2004), American actor, playwright, screenwriter, performance artist, and monologuist; jumped off Staten Island Ferry. In June 2001, he suffered severe injuries in a car crash while on vacation in Ireland. In the crash, Gray, who battled depression and bipolar tendencies, suffered a broken hip, leaving his right leg almost immobilized and a fracture in his skull that left a jagged scar on his forehead, leaving him with depression and a brain injury. During surgery in which a titanium plate was placed over the break in his skull, surgeons removed dozens of bone fragments from his frontal cortex.[104]
  • Mark Green (2004), American record-setting minor league hockey star, hanged himself after being accused of stealing from a car dealership[105][106]


  • Charles Haddon (2010), lead singer of British synthpop band Ou Est le Swimming Pool, killed himself by jumping off a satellite mast after injuring a fan during a stage dive
  • Ryan Halligan (2003), Vermont high school student who committed suicide due to bullying, hanging[107]
  • David Hamilton (2016), British photographer and filmmaker known for his nudes of pubescent girls, asphyxiation via plasic bag after one of his models accused him of rape[108]
  • Aaron Hernandez (2017), American football player and convicted murderer, committed suicide by hanging in his prison
  • Paul Hester (2005), Australian television personality and drummer from Crowded House, hanged himself in a Melbourne park; he had split from the mother of his two daughters and he had been suffering from depression for a number of years[109]
  • Nicholas Hughes (2009), fisheries biologist, son of renowned poet Sylvia Plath, hanged himself after a long struggle with depression[110]



  • Marcel Jacob (2009), Swedish musician,[113] best known as the bassist in the hard rock bands Talisman and Yngwie Malmsteen.
  • Clayne Jeffs (2002), nephew of Warren Jeffs, gunshot following admission that Warren Jeffs had sexually assaulted him as a child[114][115]
  • Richard Jeni (2007), American standup comedian and actor, gunshot,[116][117][118] he had a history of schizophrenia and had been taking antidepressants and a sleeping aid, a week earlier, he was overheard saying "just squeeze the trigger."
  • Ryan Jenkins (2009), contestant on the 2009 reality TV series Megan Wants a Millionaire, hanged himself after being charged by police with murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore[119][120]
  • Dan Johnson (2017), American pastor and Republican member of the Kentucky House of Representatives, he claimed to be suffering from PTSD from the September 11 attacks, though he also faced sexual harassment allegations, gunshot.[121]
  • J.J. Johnson (2001), American Bebop trombonist, gunshot,[122] he was diagnosed with prostate cancer







  • Jeret "Speedy" Peterson (2011), American skier, Olympic medalist; gunshot.[168] He was still reeling from the suicide of a friend named Trevor Fernald, who had committed suicide in front of Peterson in 2005, also from a self-inflicted gunshot. Peterson also had problems with alcohol and depression and admitted he had his own thoughts of suicide—all stemming from a childhood in which he was sexually abused and during which at the age of 5 years old he lost one of his older sisters to a drunk driver.
  • Slobodan Praljak (2017), Bosnian Croat General, poison. Praljak drank a small bottle of potassium cyanide in the courtroom of the International Criminal Tribunal at The Hague after being convicted of war crimes.[169]
  • Phoebe Prince (2010), American high school student who committed suicide due to school bullying and cyberbullying, hanging.[170]






  • David Foster Wallace (2008), American author; hanging,[211] he had suffered from depression for more than 20 years and stopped his medication on the advice of his doctor, and he tried electroconvulsive therapy, he attempted suicide by taking pills, which led to hospitalization, then he bound his wrists and hanged himself.
  • Jeff Weise (2005), American high school student who committed the Red Lake shootings and then committed suicide after years of bullying, gunshot.[212]
  • Bob Welch (2012), musician and former member of Fleetwood Mac, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, he had had spinal surgery three months earlier, but doctors told him he would not get better, and he was in serious pain and he did not want his wife to have to care for an invalid.
  • Robin Williams (2014), American comedian and actor, hanging,[213] he was suffering from severe depression prior to his death and was diagnosed with early stage Lewy Body Dementia
  • Jack Wishna (2012), president and CEO of CPAmerica, carbon monoxide poisoning[214]
  • Tobi Wong (2010), Canadian born designer, and conceptual artist, overdosed on pills.[215]
  • Stephen Wooldridge (2017), Australian cyclist, method not released[216]
  • Tera Wray (2016), American pornographic actress, drug overdose[217]
  • Marcin Wrona (2015), Polish film director, hanging[218]


  • Lee Thompson Young (2013), American actor known for his roles in films such as Friday Night Lights and The Famous Jett Jackson, and on TV series such as Smallville and Rizzoli & Isles, gunshot,[219] Young had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, for which he had been taking medication, and had been suffering from depression before his death.
  • Fakhra Younus (2012), Pakistani dancer, jumped from building in Rome twelve years after being disfigured in an acid attack,[220] after "endur[ing] more than three dozen surgeries over more than a decade to repair her severely damaged face and body[,]...she finally decided life was no longer worth living."[221]


  • Bill Zeller (2011), American computer programmer, developer of myTunes, oxygen deprivation due to hanging led to brain damage, taken off life support.,[222] due to depression over being sexually abused as a young child[223][224]

Possible suicides

  • David Carradine (2009), American actor, hanging, however, reported evidence suggested that his death was accidental, the result of erotic asphyxiation. Two autopsies were conducted and concluded that the death was not a suicide.[225][226][227][228][229]
  • Elliott Smith (2003), American musician, stab wounds to chest. His death was originally ruled a suicide when his girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba, claimed that she was not with Smith when he allegedly stabbed himself. Investigations since have claimed that Smith may have been having an argument with Chiba before his death, and the situation probably escalated to the point where Chiba stabbed Smith twice.[230]
  • Verne Troyer (2018), American actor, comedian, noted for playing the role of 'Mini-me', alcohol poisoning which was suspected to be a suicide.[231][232]


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