List of programs broadcast by Freeform

This is a list of television programs carried by Freeform and its predecessors, The Family Channel, Fox Family, and ABC Family.

Current programming

Original programming

TitlePremiere dateCurrent seasonSource(s)
ShadowhuntersJanuary 12, 20163[1]
The Bold TypeJuly 11, 20172[2]
SirenMarch 29, 20181[3]
Marvel's Cloak & DaggerJune 7, 20181[4]
Grown-ishJanuary 3, 20181[5]
Alone TogetherJanuary 10, 2018 1[6]
Disney's Fairy Tale WeddingsJune 11, 20181[7]
Party GirlNovember 16, 20161[8]
Oh My Josh!November 22, 20161[9]
School of DoodleJanuary 13, 20171[10]
Open RoadsJanuary 13, 20171[10]
Time for Bed with Punam PatelJanuary 13, 20171[10]
My Boyfriend is a RobotFebruary 10, 20171[11]

Syndicated programming

TitlePremiere date
The 700 ClubApril 29, 1977
RebaAugust 6, 2012
The MiddleSeptember 9, 2013
The NannyApril 30, 2018
How I Met Your MotherJuly 1, 2018

Upcoming programming

TitlePremiere dateSource(s)
Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists2019[12]
Good Trouble2019[13]
Hollywood Movie Night2018[15]


  • All New Mondays
  • All New Tuesdays
  • Funday
  • New Comedy Wednesdays


TitlePremiere date
25 Days of ChristmasDecember 1, 1996
13 Nights of HalloweenOctober 19, 1998

Syndicated programming

Former programming


CBN Cable Network era (1981–88)

TitleYear(s) aired
American Baby1982–98
Another Life1981–85
Doris Day's Best Friends1985–88
The Flying House1982–87
Honey, Honey1984–86
Leo the Lion1984–86
Our Friends on Wooster Square1987–88
Pat Boone, USA1984–85
Star's Table1986-87
Swiss Family Robinson1982–83, 1989–92

CBN Family Channel era (1988–90)

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
Big Brother JakeSeptember 2, 1990February 13, 1994
BordertownJanuary 7, 1989March 17, 1991
Healthy KidsApril 1, 19901998
Rin Tin Tin: K-9 CopSeptember 17, 1988July 1, 1993
T. and T.January 6, 1990May 25, 1990
ZorroJanuary 5, 1990January 30, 1993

The Family Channel era (1990–98)

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
The Adventures of the Black StallionSeptember 15, 1990May 16, 1993
African SkiesOctober 11, 1992April 23, 1994
Amateur HourJanuary 26, 19921992
Baby RacesSeptember 12, 1993August 27, 1994
BoggleMarch 7, 1994November 18, 1994
Family ChallengeOctober 2, 1995September 7, 1997
Family Edition19921993
Heroes on Hot Wheels19911992
The Home and Family ShowApril 1, 1996August 14, 1998
It Takes Two (Revival)March 10, 1997May 30, 1997
JumbleJune 13, 1994December 30, 1994
The Legend of Prince ValiantSeptember 3, 1991June 25, 1993
MadelineSeptember 14, 1993November 29, 1993
Maniac MansionSeptember 17, 1990April 4, 1993
Masters of the MazeAugust 29, 1994September 22, 1996
Maximum DriveAugust 29, 1994November 25, 1994
The Mighty JungleJanuary 2, 1994November 13, 1994
Shop 'til You DropSeptember 30, 1996August 14, 1998
Shopping SpreeSeptember 30, 1996August 14, 1998
ShuffleMarch 7, 1994June 10, 1994
Small TalkSeptember 30, 1996January 3, 1997
That's My DogSeptember 1, 1991September 30, 1995
Trivial PursuitJune 7, 1993December 30, 1994
Wait 'til You Have KidsSeptember 30, 1996January 31, 1997
Wild Animal GamesOctober 2, 1995September 22, 1996
You Asked For It, AgainSeptember 1, 19911992

Fox Family era (1998–2001)

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
All Dogs Go to Heaven: The SeriesAugust 15, 19981999
Donkey Kong CountryAugust 15, 1998July 7, 2001
Famous Families19981999
The All-New Captain Kangaroo19981999
Life, Camera, Action19981999
Magic Adventures of MumfieAugust 15, 19982000
Mister Moose's Fun Time19981999
Monster FarmAugust 15, 19981999
Show Me the Funny19982001
The Three Friends and Jerry19981999
Walter MelonAugust 15, 19981999
Bad DogJuly 18, 1998December 14, 2000
I Can't Believe You Said ThatAugust 19981999
Ohh Nooo! Mr. Bill PresentsAugust 18, 19981999
The New Addams FamilyOctober 19, 1998August 28, 1999
Great Pretenders19992002
It's Itsy Bitsy Time!19992002
The Kids from Room 402October 9, 19992000
Rotten RalphJuly 19992000
Big Wolf on CampusApril 2, 1999April 27, 2002
I Was a Sixth Grade AlienJuly 19, 1999January 10, 2001
Storytime with ThomasSeptember 6, 1999May 26, 2000
Weird-Oh'sSeptember 15, 1999March 15, 2000
Angela AnacondaOctober 4, 1999November 29, 2001
Mega BabiesOctober 10, 1999April 22, 2000
Random Acts of ComedyOctober 8, 1999January 1, 2000
S Club 7 in MiamiNovember 6, 1999February 5, 2000
Higher GroundJanuary 14, 2000June 16, 2000
ParanoiaApril 14, 2000May 7, 2000
S Club 7 in L.A.June 3, 2000September 30, 2000
The Zack FilesSeptember 17, 2000May 5, 2002
The Fearing MindOctober 21, 2000December 2, 2000
Real Scary StoriesOctober 21, 2000March 10, 2001
Scariest Places on EarthOctober 23, 2000October 29, 2006
EdgemontJanuary 4, 2001July 21, 2005
So Little TimeJune 2, 2001May 4, 2002
State of GraceJune 25, 2001December 4, 2002
Moolah BeachSeptember 8, 2001December 1, 2001

ABC Family era (2001–16)

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
Da MobNovember 3, 2001March 9, 2002
Power Rangers Wild ForceSeptember 14, 2002November 16, 2002
Power Rangers Ninja StormFebruary 15, 2003November 15, 2003
The Brendan Leonard ShowMay 26, 2003October 3, 2003
Switched!May 26, 2003October 1, 2004
Knock FirstOctober 6, 2003October 1, 2004
Power Rangers Dino ThunderFebruary 14, 2004November 20, 2004
Brat CampJuly 13, 2005August 24, 2005
Switched UpMarch 7, 2004April 18, 2004
Venus and Serena: For RealJuly 20, 2005August 17, 2005
Power Rangers S.P.D.February 5, 2005July 9, 2005
Las Vegas Garden of LoveMarch 21, 2005May 9, 2005
WildfireJune 20, 2005May 26, 2008
Kicked OutAugust 24, 2005October 12, 2005
Beautiful PeopleAugust 8, 2005April 24, 2006
Whose Line Is It Anyway?October 3, 2005December 15, 2007
Falcon BeachJanuary 5, 2006March 30, 2007
Back on CampusApril 8, 2006April 29, 2006
Kyle XYJune 26, 2006March 16, 2009
Three Moons Over MilfordAugust 6, 2006September 24, 2006
Lincoln HeightsJanuary 8, 2007November 9, 2009
GreekJuly 9, 2007March 7, 2011
Slacker CatsAugust 13, 2007September 17, 2007
The MiddlemanJune 16, 2008September 1, 2008
The Secret Life of the American TeenagerJuly 1, 2008June 3, 2013
Make It or Break ItJune 22, 2009May 14, 2012
RoommatesMarch 23, 2009May 4, 2009
10 Things I Hate About YouJuly 7, 2009May 24, 2010
Ruby & The RockitsJuly 21, 2009September 22, 2009
Pretty Little LiarsJune 8, 2010June 27, 2017
HugeJune 28, 2010August 30, 2010
Melissa & JoeyAugust 17, 2010August 5, 2015
Switched at BirthJune 6, 2011April 11, 2017
The Nine Lives of Chloe KingJune 14, 2011August 16, 2011
State of GeorgiaJune 29, 2011August 17, 2011
The Lying GameAugust 15, 2011March 12, 2013
Jane by DesignJanuary 3, 2012July 31, 2012
BunheadsJune 11, 2012February 25, 2013
Baby DaddyJune 20, 2012May 22, 2017
Beverly Hills NanniesJuly 11, 2012September 4, 2012
TwistedMarch 19, 2013April 1, 2014
Dancing FoolsMay 29, 2013July 5, 2013
The FostersJune 3, 2013June 6, 2018
The VineyardJuly 23, 2013September 10, 2013
Spell-MageddonJuly 24, 2013September 11, 2013
RavenswoodOctober 22, 2013February 4, 2014
Chasing LifeJune 10, 2014September 28, 2015
Mystery GirlsJune 25, 2014August 27, 2014
Young & HungryJune 25, 2014July 25, 2018
Freak OutOctober 21, 2014May 27, 2015
StitchersJune 2, 2015August 14, 2017
Becoming UsJune 8, 2015August 10, 2015
Job or No JobAugust 5, 2015October 1, 2015
Next Step Realty: NYCAugust 11, 2015October 15, 2015
Startup UAugust 11, 2015October 15, 2015
Kevin from WorkAugust 12, 2015October 7, 2015
Monica the MediumAugust 25, 2015June 27, 2016

Freeform era (2016–present)

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
Recovery RoadJanuary 25, 2016March 28, 2016
GuiltJune 13, 2016August 22, 2016
Dead of SummerJune 28, 2016August 30, 2016
Cheer SquadAugust 22, 2016September 7, 2016
The LetterOctober 11, 2016November 29, 2016
Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?October 11, 2016November 29, 2016
BeyondJanuary 2, 2017March 22, 2018
The Twins: Happily Ever After?March 20, 2017May 8, 2017
Famous in LoveApril 18, 2017May 30, 2018
Truth & IlizaMay 2, 2017June 6, 2017



TitleDistributorYear(s) aired
3rd Rock from the SunThe Carsey-Werner Company2002–06
7th HeavenCBS Television Distribution2002–08; 2010
8 Simple RulesDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2007–14
The Adventures of Shirley Holmes1998
Alias Smith and JonesNBCUniversal Television Distribution1983–84, 1987–88
America's Funniest Home VideosDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2005–14
Back to Sherwood1999
Bachelor FatherNBCUniversal Television Distribution1982–85
Batman20th Century Fox Television1989–91
Beauty and the BeastCBS Television Distribution1990–91
Ben CaseyCBS Television Distribution1984–86
The Best Of GrouchoNBCUniversal Television Distribution1984–88
The Big Valley20th Century Fox Television1986–98
The Bill Cosby ShowPeter Rodgers Organization1984–88
BlondieHearst Communications1983–85
BonanzaCBS Television Distribution1988–98
Boy Meets WorldDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2004–07; 2010–15
BrandedCBS Television Distribution1985–88
Break the Bank20th Century Fox Television1986 (Joe Farago-hosted episodes only)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer20th Century Fox Television2015
The BugaloosSid & Marty Krofft Pictures1996–97
BullseyeSony Pictures Television1982–84
Butterfly Island1987–88
Call of the WestRio Tinto Group1983–85
The CampbellsPeter Rodgers Organization1987–90
Card SharksFremantleMedia1984–85
Carol Burnett and FriendsTime-Life1996–98
Carson's Comedy ClassicsCarson Entertainment1996–97
Chain ReactionSony Pictures Television1982–83
CharmedCBS Television Distribution2004–09
Christy20th Century Fox Television1996–98
The Cisco KidPeter Rodgers Organization1983–86
CoachNBCUniversal Television Distribution2001–08
The Courtship of Eddie's FatherWarner Bros. Television1985–87
Crazy Like a FoxSony Pictures Television1987–88
DaktariWarner Bros. Television1985–86
Dawson's CreekSony Pictures Television2015
Dharma & Greg20th Century Fox Television2004–12
Diagnosis: MurderCBS Television Distribution1997–98
The Drew Carey ShowWarner Bros. Television2001–08
Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension1998
EverwoodWarner Bros. Television2006–07
Evening Shade20th Century Fox Television1994–95
Face the MusicSandy Frank Productions1984–86, 1995
Family MattersWarner Bros. Television2003–08
The Farmer's DaughterSony Pictures Television1985–89
Father Dowling MysteriesCBS Television Distribution1991–96
Father Knows BestSony Pictures Television1986–93
FelicityDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2003–06
FlipperMGM Television1984–86
The Flying NunSony Pictures Television1986–89, 2002
Freaks and GeeksParamount Television2000–01; 2003
The Fresh Prince of Bel-AirWarner Bros. Television2008–14
Friday Night LightsNBCUniversal Television Distribution2010
Full HouseWarner Bros. Television2003–13
Galidor: Defenders of the Outer DimensionHenry Gagnon Distribution2002–03
Gentle BenCBS Television Distribution1984–88
The George Burns and Gracie Allen ShowSony Pictures Television1982–85
GidgetSony Pictures Television2002
Gilmore GirlsWarner Bros. Television2006-18
GoSony Pictures Television1985–86
The Gospel Bill ShowWillie George Ministries1987–89
Green AcresMGM Television1985–89
Grounded for LifeThe Carsey-Werner Company2005–13
Growing PainsWarner Bros. Television2001–04
The Guns of Will SonnettCBS Television Distribution1986–87
GunsmokeCBS Television Distribution1987–95
Happy DaysCBS Television Distribution1989–90
Hardcastle and McCormickSony Pictures Television1986–87; 1989–90; 1996–97
HazelSony Pictures Television1986–90
Hawaii Five-OCBS Television Distribution1997–98
Here Come the BridesSony Pictures Television1984–89
Hey Vern, It's Ernest!DHX Media1992–94
The High ChaparralCBS Television Distribution1994–98
Highway to HeavenGenesis International1995–97
The Hogan FamilyWarner Bros. Television2006
Hot PotatoSony Pictures Television1984–85
H.R. PufnstufSid & Marty Krofft Pictures1996–97
The Hughleys20th Century Fox Television2002–04
I Married JoanVisual Entertainment1982–86
I SpyPeter Rodgers Organization1982–85
I'm Telling!Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1989–90; 1994–96
Iron HorseSony Pictures Television1987–88
The Jack Benny ProgramNBCUniversal Television Distribution1982–88
Jack Hanna's Animal AdventuresLitton Entertainment1997
Judge Roy Bean1982–83
Kids IncorporatedMGM Television/Sonar Entertainment1985–86
LaramieNBCUniversal Television Distribution1984–87
LaredoNBCUniversal Television Distribution1984–88
Last Man Standing20th Television2015-18
Laverne and ShirleyCBS Television Distribution1989–90
Let's Make A DealFremantleMedia1982–84, 1993–96
LidsvilleSid & Marty Krofft Pictures1996–97
The Life and Legend of Wyatt EarpSFM Entertainment1982–85
Life Goes OnWarner Bros. Television1992–95
The Life of Riley1982–84
Life with BonnieDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2004–06
The Lone RangerNBCUniversal Television Distribution1984–89, 1990
Love That BobNBCUniversal Television Distribution1983–86
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Warner Bros. Television1985–86
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis20th Century Fox Television1983–88
The Adventures of Mary-Kate & AshleyDualstar1999–2001
Medical CenterWarner Bros. Television1985–88
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSaban Brands2002-05
The Mindy ProjectNBCUniversal Television Distribution2016
Mork and MindyCBS Television Distribution1998–99
Mr. BeanEndemol UK1998–99
The Mr. Potato Head ShowHasbro Studios1999
My Little MargieVisual Entertainment1982–86
My So-Called LifeDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2000
My Three SonsCBS Television Distribution1992–93
My Wife and KidsDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2008–11
Name That TuneSandy Frank Productions1985–86, 1993–96
The New GenerationMGM Television1989–90
The New Treasure HuntSony Pictures Television1983–84
Newhart20th Century Fox Television1995–96
The Norm ShowWarner Bros. Television2002–06
Our HouseWarner Bros. Television1988–91
The Paper Chase20th Century Fox Television1987–89
ParadiseWarner Bros. Television1996–97
The Partridge FamilySony Pictures Television1999–2000
The Patty Duke ShowMGM Television1985–89
Pee-Wee's PlayhouseShout! Factory1998–99
Please Don't Eat the DaisiesWarner Bros. Television1985–87
Power Rangers In SpaceSaban Brands2002-05
Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueSaban Brands2002-05
Power Rangers Lost GalaxySaban Brands2002-05
Power Rangers Mystic ForceSaban Brands2006
Power Rangers Time ForceSaban Brands2002-05
Power Rangers TurboSaban Brands2002-05
Power Rangers ZeoSaban Brands2002-05
Punky BrewsterSony Pictures Television1993–96
Radio ActiveCiné Télé Action1999
The RiflemanPeter Rodgers Organization1983–98
Remington Steele20th Century Fox Television1987–89, 1996–97
Rescue 91120th Century Fox Television1993–98
Romper Room and FriendsHasbro Studios1982–85
Roswell20th Century Fox Television2002–04
The Roy Rogers ShowNBCUniversal Television Distribution1988–89
Sabrina, the Teenage WitchCBS Television Distribution2006–11
Scarecrow and Mrs. KingWarner Bros. Television1990–91
Shamu TVSeaWorld Parks & Entertainment1996
The Shari ShowPeter Rodgers Organization1985–86
Shining Time StationMattel Creations1998–99
Sigmund and the Sea MonstersSid & Marty Krofft Pictures1996–97
Sister, SisterCBS Television Distribution2007–10
Sky KingSky King Productions1988–89
SmallvilleWarner Bros. Television2004–07
Snowy River: The McGregor Saga1993–96
Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord1998
Spin CityParamount Television2000–08
Split SecondHatos-Hall Productions1993–95
Step By StepWarner Bros. Television2001–10
Still Standing20th Century Fox Television2010–14
Sweet Valley HighSaban Brands1999
That '70s ShowThe Carsey-Werner Company2008–15
Tic-Tac-DoughSony Pictures Television1982–86
The Three StoogesSony Pictures Television1996–98
Two Guys and a Girl20th Century Fox Television2002–06
Two of a KindWarner Bros. Television1999–2005
UndeclaredParamount Television2002–03
Wagon TrainNBCUniversal Television Distribution1982–92
The WaltonsWarner Bros. Television1991–98
Weird ScienceNBCUniversal Television Distribution2000–01
Wendy and MeWarner Bros. Television1985–86
The Westerner20th Century Fox Television1982–84
What I Like About YouWarner Bros. Television2008–12
Who's the Boss?Sony Pictures Television1999–2003
Whose Line Is It Anyway?Hat Trick Productions2002–11
The Wonder Years20th Century Fox Television2001–04
Xuxa20th Century Fox Television1994-96
The Virginian20th Century Fox Television1989–93
The Young RidersMGM Television1992–96


TitleDistributorYear(s) aired
The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3DHX Media1991–94
ALF: The Animated SeriesLionsgate1991–92
The All-New Popeye HourHearst Communications1990–96
Animal CrackersDHX Media/Gaumont Animation1998–99
A.T.O.M.Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2006
Attack of the Killer TomatoesDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998–99
Augie Doggie & FriendsWarner Bros. Television1991–93
Beyblade V-ForceNelvana2003–05
Beyblade G-RevolutionNelvana2004–05
Big Guy and Rusty the Boy RobotSony Pictures Television2002
Bobby's WorldSplash Entertainment1998–2001
Camp CandyDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998–2001
Captain N: The Game MasterDHX Media1991–93
COPSDHX Media1990–91
Creepy CrawlersDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998–99
Davey and GoliathEvangelical Lutheran Church in America1984–87
Dennis the MenaceDHX Media1998–99
Digimon AdventureSaban Brands1999–2006
Digimon Adventure 02Saban Brands2000–06
Digimon FrontierSaban Brands2002–06
Digimon TamersSaban Brands2001–06
Dino BabiesCBS Studios International1999
DinosaucersSony Pictures Television1989–91
Dragon BoosterDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2004–06
EekstravaganzaDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998–99
Flint the Time DetectiveSanrio2000–02
The Flintstone KidsWarner Bros. Television1990–94
Garfield and Friends9 Story Media Group2001
GargolyesDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2004
The Get-Along GangDHX Media1989–90
Get EdDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2005–06
The Harveytoons ShowNBCUniversal Television Distribution1998–99
Heathcliff (1980 TV series)Warner Bros. Television1990–91
Heathcliff (1984 TV series)DHX Media1993–96, 1998
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale TheaterMGM Television1989–90
Hello Kitty's ParadiseSanrio1999–2000
Inch High, Private EyeWarner Bros. Television1984–85
Inspector GadgetDHX Media1992–95, 2001–02
JellabiesContent Media Corp.1999–2001
Kong: The Animated Series41 Entertainment2005–06
Little Clowns of HappytownDHX Media1989–90
The LittlesDHX Media1989–93
Maple TownThe Kushner-Locke Company1989–90
MedabotsBee Train2002–04
Mega ManDiscotek Media1999–2001
Monster RancherDiscotek Media1999–2002
The Mouse and the MonsterDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998
Mr. BogusITV Studios1998
NASCAR RacersDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2002
The New ArchiesDHX Media1991–94
Oggy and the CockroachesXilam1999
Peter Pan and the PiratesDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998–99
Pole PositionDHX Media1989–91
Popeye and SonWarner Bros. Television1994–95
ProStarsDHX Media1992–94
Rainbow BriteDHX Media1989
The Roman HolidaysWarner Bros. Television1984–85
The Real GhostbustersSony Pictures Television1998–99
Ripley's Believe It or Not!DHX Media/Gaumont Animation1999–2000
Roger RamjetNBCUniversal Television Distribution1989–90
Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and LegendsBohbot Entertainment2001
ShinzoSaban Brands2002, 2005
Space GoofsXilam1999
The Space Kidettes and Young SamsonWarner Bros. Television1984–85
Spider-Man (1967 TV series)Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2002–04
Spider-Man (1994 TV series)Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998, 2002–06
Spider-Man and His Amazing FriendsDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2002–03
Spider-Man UnlimitedDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2002
The Spooktacular New Adventures of CasperNBCUniversal Television Distribution1998–99
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2004–06
Starcom: The U.S. Space ForceDHX Media1989–90, 1993
Starhill PoniesSky Vision2000–01
Super Dave: Daredevil for HireDHX Media1994
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!DHX Media1994–96
Super Mario WorldDHX Media1992–96
Sylvanian FamiliesDHX Media1989–90
The TickDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2005
Tokyo PigDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2002–03
ToonsylvaniaParamount Television1999
Totally Spies!Zodiak Media2001–02
Valley of the DinosaursWarner Bros. Television1984–85
What's with Andy?Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2001–02
Wheelie and the Chopper BunchWarner Bros. Television1984–85
Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?DHX Media1998–99
The Why Why FamilyDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution1998–99
W.I.T.C.H.Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2005–06
Wish KidDHX Media1992–96
The World of Peter Rabbit and FriendsFrederick Warne & Co1993–98
X-MenDisney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution2004–06

Reruns of Disney Channel programming

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
Lizzie McGuireDecember 30, 2014August 18, 2016
That's So RavenDecember 31, 2014September 29, 2016
Even StevensJanuary 1, 2015September 27, 2016
Hannah MontanaMay 2, 2016September 28, 2016
Kim PossibleMay 2, 2016September 30, 2016

Former programming blocks

TitlePremiere dateEnd date
Fun TownSeptember 4, 19891992
The Positive Place19911994
Fam TV19921996
Saturday Western Roundup19961998
Sofa TV19961998
Weekend Chill Saturday/Fox Family Saturday MorningAugust 15, 19982000
The BasementAugust 15, 19981999
Weekend Chill Sunday/Fox Family Sunday MorningAugust 16, 19982000
Toon-A-CasseroleAugust 16, 19981999
Morning Scramble/Fox Family MorningsAugust 17, 19982000
Captain Kangaroo's Treasure HouseAugust 17, 19981999
Friday Double Feature19981999
Friday Night Fever1999
Made In Japan19992001
JetixFebruary 14, 2004September 3, 2006
Campus Crush/Summer CrushAugust 1, 2009August 9, 2013
MAMAlicious WeekMay 12, 2012May 20, 2012
Spring CrushApril 18, 2013April 20, 2014
That's So ThrowbackDecember 30, 2014October 1, 2016


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