List of postal entities

This is a list of postal entities by country. It includes:

  • The governmental authority responsible for postal matters.
  • The regulatory authority for the postal sector. Postal regulation may include the establishment of postal policies, postal rates, postal services offered, budgeting for and financing postal operations. Where no independent postal regulator has been established, these tasks may be undertaken by the government or the operator(s). They may be carried out by a single entity or spread out amongst multiple government, quasi-government or private entities.[1]
  • The designated postal operator of that country (normally the public postal service). Notable postal operators other than the designated operator, if any, may also be listed. Postal operations involve the execution of domestic and international postal services to include the receipt, transportation and delivery of authorized classes of mail, specialized mailing services, the operation of postal facilities and the sale of postage, philatelic materials and mailing supplies.


UPU members

The following list uses the structure and terminology of the document Status and structures of postal entities in the UPU member countries. This document, published in 2009 by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), contains data for 162 of the 191 countries and territories that were then UPU members. For these countries, which are marked below, the list's contents are based on that document.

Since this document was published, the UPU has had two changes of membership:

CountryGovernmental authorityRegulatory authorityDesignated operator
 Afghanistan[2009]Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologiesNoneAfghanistan Postal Service
 AlbaniaPosta Shqiptare[2]
 AlgeriaMinistère de la Poste et des TIC[2]Algérie Poste[2]
 Angola[2009]Ministry of Telecommunications and Information TechnologiesInstituto Angolano das Comunicações (INACOM)Empresa Nacional de Correios e Telégrafos de Angola (ENCTA)
 Antigua and BarbudaAntigua Post Office
 Argentina[2009]Ministry of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (MinPlan)Communications Secretariat (SeCom) of MinPlanCorreo Oficial de la República Argentina S.A. (CORASA)
 Armenia[2009]Ministry of Transport and Communication, State Estate Managing DepartmentPublic Services Regulatory Commission"Haypost" CJSC
 Aruba[N 1]Post Aruba
 Australia[2009]Department of CommunicationsAustralian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Postal Services Consultative CouncilAustralia Post
 Austria[2009]Ministry for Transport, Innovation and TechnologyRTR GmbHÖsterreichische Post AG
 Azerbaijan[2009]Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologyNone"Azərpoçt" State Enterprise
 Bahamas[2009]Ministry of Public Works and TransportNoneBahamas Postal Service
 Bahrain[2009]Ministry of TransportNoneBahrain Post
 BangladeshMinistry of Post and TelecommunicationBangladesh Post Office[2]
 Barbados[2009]Ministry of Home AffairsNoneBarbados Postal Service
 Belarus[2009]Ministry of Communications and InformatizationNoneRepublican Unitary Enterprise "Belpochta"
 Belgium[2009]Ministry of Enterprise and SimplificationBelgian Institute of Postal Services and Telecommunications (IBPT)Belgian Post Group (formerly La Poste)
 BelizeMinistry of Public Utilities, Transport, Communications[2]Belize Postal Service[N 2]
 Benin[2009]Ministry of Information Technology and CommunicationTransitional Regulatory Authority"La Poste du Bénin S.A." (Benin Post)
 Bhutan[2009]Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC)Bhutan Information, Communication and Media Authority (BICMA)Bhutan Postal Corporation Ltd
 Bolivia[2009]Ministerio de Servicios, Obras Publicas y VivendaNoneEmpresa de Correos de Bolivia (ECOBOL)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina[2009]Ministry of Communications and TransportBosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Postal TrafficBH Pošta
Pošte Srpske
Hrvatska Pošta Mostar
 Botswana[2009]Ministry of Communications, Science and TechnologyNoneBotswanaPost
 Brazil[2009]Ministry of CommunicationsNoneEmpresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (ECT)
 Brunei[2009]Ministry of CommunicationsNoneBrunei Postal Services Department
 Bulgaria[2009]State Agency for Information Technologies and CommunicationsCommunications Regulation Commission (CRC)Bulgarian Posts
 Burkina Faso[2009]Ministry of Posts, Information Technology and CommunicationNoneSociété nationale des postes (SONAPOST)
 BurmaMyanma Posts and Telecommunications
 Burundi[2009]Ministry of Transport, Posts and TelecommunicationsNoneRégie nationale des postes (R.N.P. – National Postal Authority)
 Cambodia[2009]Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC)NoneDirectorate of Posts (Cambodian Post)
 Cameroon[2009]Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsNoneCameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST)
 Canada[2009]Minister responsible for Canada Post CorporationNoneCanada Post Corporation (CPC)
 Cape Verde[2009]Ministry of Infrastructure and TransportNational Communications Agency (ANAC)Correios de Cabo Verde, SARL (CCV)
 Central African Republic[2009]Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and New TechnologiesNoneNational Posts and Savings Corporation (ONPE)
 Chad[2009]Ministry of posts and information and communication technologiesNone (the regulatory function is assigned to STPE)Chad Posts and Savings Company (STPE)
 Chile[2009]Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications, Under-Secretariat for TelecommunicationsNoneEmpresa de Correos de Chile
 China[2009]Ministry of TransportState Post BureauChina Post Group
Hong Kong: Hongkong Post
Macao: Correios de Macau
 Colombia[2009]Ministry of Information Technologies and CommunicationsRegulatory Commission of Communications (CRC) and Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC)[3]Servicios Postales Nacionales S.A. (4-72)
 ComorosSocieté Nationale des Postes et des Services Financiers[2]
 Republic of the Congo[2009]Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsDirectorate General of the Central Posts and Telecommunications AdministrationCongo Posts and Savings Company (SOPECO)
 Costa Rica[2009]NoneAutoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos (ARESEP)Correos de Costa Rica SA
 Croatia[2009]Ministry of the Sea, Tourism, Transport and DevelopmentPostal Services CouncilHP-Hrvatska pošta d.d
 Cuba[2009]Ministry of Informatics and CommunicationsNoneEmpresa de Correos de Cuba
 Cyprus[2009]Ministry of Communications and Public WorksCommissioner of Telecommunications and Postal RegulationDepartment of Postal Services
 Czech Republic[2009]Ministry of Industry and TradeCzech Telecommunications Office (CTO), Ministry of FinanceCzech Post
 Democratic Republic of the Congo[2009]Ministry of Posts, Telephones and TelecommunicationsAutorité de régulation des postes et télécommunications du Congo (ARPTC)Congolese Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (OCPT)
 Denmark[2009]Ministry of TransportFaerdselsstyrelsen (Postal Supervisory Department)Post Denmark A/S
Other operators:
Bring Citymail
 DjiboutiDjibouti Post[N 2]
 DominicaMinistry of Public Works, Energy and Ports[4]General Post Office (GPO)[4][N 2]
 Dominican Republic[2009]Ministry of Public Works and CommunicationsNoneInstituto Postal Dominicano (INPOSDOM) (Dominican Postal Institute)
 East Timor
 Ecuador[2009]Correos del Ecuador, attached to the office of the Vice-President of the Republic of EcuadorAgencia Nacional Postal (National Postal Agency)Correos del Ecuador
 Egypt[2009]Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologiesNoneNational Postal Authority (Egypt Post)
 El Salvador[2009]Ministry of GobernacíonNoneGeneral Postal Directorate
 Equatorial GuineaEnte autónomo de Guinea Ecuatorial de Correos y Telecomunicaciones (GECOTEL)[N 2]
 Eritrea[2009]Ministry of Transport and CommunicationEritrean Communications DepartmentEritrean Postal Service (EPS)
 Estonia[2009]Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications (MEAC)Estonian National Communications BoardEstonian Post (Eesti Post)
 Ethiopia[2009]Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsNoneEthiopian Postal Service
 FijiPost Fiji[2]
 Finland[2009]Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsFinnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)
Åland: Åland Government/Unit of Administration
Posti Group Corporation
Åland: Åland Post
 France[2009]Minister for the Economy, Industry and EmploymentElectronic Communications and Postal Regulation Authority (ARCEP)La Poste
 Gabon[2009]Ministry of Communication, Post, Telecommunications and New Information TechnologiesPostal Regulatory AgencyLa Poste S.A
 Gambia[2009]Ministry of Communication, Information and TechnologyNoneGambia Postal Services Corporation
 GeorgiaGeorgian Post[2]
 Germany[2009]Federal Ministry of Economics and TechnologyFederal Network Agency (Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Post)Several operators, due to competition. Deutsche Post AG has the largest market share.[5]
 Ghana[2009]Ministry of CommunicationsPostal and Courier Services Regulatory CommissionGhana Post Company Limited
 Great Britain[2009]Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)Postal Services Commission (Postcomm)
British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies have separate operators and regulatory arrangements.
Royal Mail Group Plc.
Other operators:British Forces Post Office
55 other licensed operators as of 2011[6]
British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies

British Forces Post Office provides military mail service for UK service members internationally, including to Akrotiri and Dhekelia and other jurisdictions listed above which also have public civilian delivery.[25]

 Greece[2009]Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsEETT (National Telecommunications and Post Commission)Hellenic Post S.A. (ELTA S.A.)
 GrenadaGrenada Postal Corporation[2]
 GuatemalaEl Correo (Correo de Guatemala S.A.)[2]
 Guinea[2009]Ministry of Communication and New Information Technologies (MCNTI)Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARPT)Office de la poste guinéenne (OPG) (Guinean Postal Corporation)
 Guinea-BissauCorreios da Guiné-Bissau
 GuyanaGuyana Post Office Corporation
 HaitiOffice des Postes d’Haiti
 HungaryMagyar Posta
 Iceland[26]Ministry of the InteriorPost and Telecom AdministrationÍslandspóstur
 India[27]Ministry of Communications and Information TechnologyDepartment of PostsIndia Post
 IndonesiaMinistry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo)Pos Indonesia
 IranIRI Post
 IraqIraqi Telecommunications and Post Company
 IrelandMinister for Transport, Tourism and SportCommission for Communications RegulationAn Post
 IsraelIsrael Post
 ItalyMinistry of Economic DevelopmentAgenzia nazionale di regolamentazione del settore postalePoste italiane
 Ivory Coast[2009]Ministry of New Information Technology and TelecommunicationsNoneLa Poste
 JamaicaPostal Corporation of Jamaica
 JapanMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications Postal Services Policy Department (Subdivision of Information and Communications Bureau) Japan Post Holdings
 JordanJordan Post Company
 KazakhstanMinistry of Investment and DevelopmentCommittee for Communication, Informatisation and Information Kazpost
 KenyaMinistry of Information and Communications TechnologyCommunications Authority of KenyaPostal Corporation of Kenya
 KiribatiKiribati Public Service Public
 KuwaitMinistry of Communications (Kuwait)
 KyrgyzstanMinistry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of KyrgyzstanState Communication AgencyKyrgyz Express Post
"Kyrgyz Pochtasy" SE
 LatviaLatvijas Pasts
 LesothoLesotho Post
 LiberiaMinistry of Posts and Telecommunications (Liberia)
 LibyaGeneral Posts and Telecommunications Company
 LiechtensteinLiechtensteinische Post
 LithuaniaLietuvos paštas
 LuxembourgPost Luxembourg
 MacedoniaMakedonska Pošta
 MadagascarPaositra Malagasy
 MalawiMalawi Posts Corporation
 MalaysiaMinistry of Telecommunications and Multimedia MalaysiaMalaysian Communications and Multimedia CommissionPos Malaysia
 MaldivesMaldives Post
 MaliOffice national des postes du Mali
 MaltaMinistry of Infrastructure, Transport and CommunicationsMalta Communications AuthorityMaltaPost
 MauritaniaLa Société Mauritanienne des Postes
 MauritiusMauritius Post
 MexicoSecretaría de Comunicaciones y TransportesCorreos de México
 Moldova[2009]Ministry of Information DevelopmentPosta Moldovei
 MonacoLa Poste Monaco
 MongoliaMongol Post
 MontenegroPošta Crne Gore
 MoroccoPoste Maroc
 MozambiqueCorreios de Moçambique
 NauruNauru General Post Office - Departament of Chief Secretary
   NepalNepal Post
 NetherlandsMinistry of Economic AffairsOPTA/Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM)PostNL
 New Zealand[N 3]New Zealand Post
 NicaraguaCorreos de Nicaragua
 NigerNiger Poste
 NigeriaNigerian Postal Service
 North KoreaMinistry of Posts and Telecommunications[28]Korea Post and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC)[N 2]
 OmanOman Post
 PakistanPakistan Post
 PanamaCorreos de Panamá
 Papua New GuineaPost PNG
 ParaguayCorreo Nacional Paraguayo
 Philippines[2009]Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost)
 PolandPoczta Polska
 Portugal[2009]ANACOMCTT Correios de Portugal, S.A.
 QatarQatar Post
 Romania[2009]Ministry of Communications and Information SocietyNational Regulatory Authority for Communications (Authoritatea Nationala de Reglementare în Comunicatii) - ANCOMPoșta Română
 RussiaRussian Post
 RwandaNational Post Office
 Saint Christopher-Nevis-AnguillaSt. Kitts & Nevis Postal Services
 Saint LuciaSaint Lucia Postal Service
 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesSVG Postal Corporation
 SamoaSamoa Post
 San MarinoPoste sammarinesi
 Sao Tome and PrincipeCorreios de São Tomé e Príncipe
 Saudi ArabiaSaudi Post
 SenegalLa Poste Senegal
 SerbiaMinistry of Foreign and Internal Trade and TelecommunicationsRepublic agency for Postal Services (RAPUS)Pošta Srbije
 SeychellesSeychelles Postal Service
 Sierra LeoneSALPOST
 SingaporeSingapore Post
 SlovakiaSlovenská pošta
 SloveniaPošta Slovenije
 Solomon IslandsSolomon Post
 Somalia[29]Minister of Information, Posts and TelecommunicationsSomali Postal Service
 South AfricaSouth African Post Office
 South KoreaMinistry of Science, ICT and Future PlanningKorea Post
 South SudanMinister of Telecommunication and Postal Services (South Sudan)
 Sri LankaMinistry of Posts, Postal Services & Muslim Religious AffairsDepartment of PostSri Lanka Post
 SwazilandSwaziland Posts and Telecommunications
 SwedenMinistry of EnterpriseSwedish Post and Telecom AuthorityPostNord Sverige
Other operators:
Over 30 other licensed operators as of 2014[30]
  SwitzerlandSwiss Post
 SyriaSyrian Post
 TanzaniaTanzania Communications Regulatory Authority Tanzania Posts Corporation
 ThailandMinistry of TransportNoneThailand Post
 TogoLa Poste du Togo
 Tonga[N 4]Tonga Post
 Trinidad and TobagoTTPost
 TunisiaLa Poste Tunisienne
 TurkeyPTT (Turkey)
 UgandaUganda Communications CommissionPosta Uganda
 United Arab EmiratesEmpost
 United StatesUnited States Postal Service[N 5]Postal Regulatory CommissionUnited States Postal Service
 UruguayCorreo Uruguayo
 UzbekistanO`zbekiston pochtasi
 VanuatuVanuatu Post
  Vatican CityPoste Vaticane
 VietnamVietnam Post Corporation
 YemenYemen Post
  1. now called Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten
  2. 1 2 3 4 5 Presumably the country's principal or only postal operator; not listed as designated postal operator on the UPU website.
  3. including the Ross Dependency
  4. including Niuafo'ou
  5. The United States Postal Service is a government-owned corporation; its board members are appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.

Countries or territories that are not members of the UPU

Country or territoryGovernmental authorityRegulatory authorityOperator(s)
 KosovoPost and Telecom of Kosovo
 Palestinian territoriesWest Bank (PNA): Palestinian Ministry of Telecom & IT
Gaza Strip (Hamas): Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology
West Bank: Palestine Post
 TaiwanMinistry of Transportation and CommunicationsNoneChunghwa Post

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Further reading

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