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This article lists political parties in Taiwan.

Current parties

Parties with national or local representation

PartyRepresentationParty LeaderPolitical positionNotes
Democratic Progressive Party
民主進步黨 Mínzhǔ Jìnbù Dǎng
Bîn-chú Chìn-pō͘ Tóng
Ruling party


13291 Tsai Ing-wen Centre-left Liberalism, Progressivism, Taiwanese nationalism. Leader of the Pan-Green Coalition in Taiwan, also a member of Liberal International.
中國國民黨 Zhōngguó Guómíndǎng
Tiong-kok Kok-bîn-tóng
356386 Wu Den-yih Centre-right Conservatism, Chinese nationalism, Three Principles of the People. Leader of the Pan-Blue Coalition in Taiwan, also a member of International Democrat Union
New Power Party
時代力量 Shídài Lìliàng
Sî‑tāi Le̍k‑liōng
5 Huang Kuo-chang Centre-left Progressivism, Social liberalism, Taiwanese nationalism. Considered a member of the Pan-Green Coalition.
People First Party
親民黨 Qīnmín Dǎng
Chhin-bîn Tóng
39 James Soong Centre-right Liberal conservatism, Chinese nationalism. Considered a member of the Pan-Blue Coalition, now functions more independently from Kuomintang, sometimes refers to the Orange Group.
Non-Partisan Solidarity Union
無黨團結聯盟 Wúdǎng Tuánjié Liánméng
Bû-tóng Thoân-kiat Liân-bêng
1 Lin Ping-kun Centre-right Conservative liberalism. Considered a member of the Pan-Blue Coalition.
Taiwan Solidarity Union
台灣團結聯盟 Táiwān Tuánjié Liánméng
Tâi-oân Thoân-kiat Liân-bêng
9 Liu Yi-te Centre-left Progressivism, Social liberalism, Taiwanese nationalism, Taiwan independence. A member of Pan-Green Coalition.
民國黨 Mínguó Dǎng
Bîn-kok Tóng
2 Hsu Hsin-Ying Centre-right Liberal conservatism, Three Principles of the People. Considered a member of the Pan-Blue Coalition, closer to the Orange Groups.
New Party
新黨 Xīn Dăng
Sin Tóng
2 Yok Mu-ming Right-wing Conservatism, Chinese nationalism, Chinese Reunification. A member of the Pan-Blue Coalition.
Green Party Taiwan
台灣綠黨 Táiwān Lǜ Dǎng
Tâi-ôan Le̍k Tóng
2 Lee Keng-cheng
Chang Yu-jing
Centre-left Green politics. Unaligned to any political coalitions in Taiwan, a member of Global Greens.
Trees Party
樹黨 Shù Dǎng
Chhiū Tóng
1 Pan Han-chiang
Lin Chia-yu
Centre-left Environmentalism. Unaligned to any political coalitions in Taiwan.
Taiwan First Nations Party
台灣第一民族黨 Táiwān Dìyī Mínzú Dǎng
Tâi-oân Tē-it Bîn-cho̍k Tóng
1 Shih Ching-lung Centre-left Taiwanese aboriginal nationalism. Unaligned to any political coalitions in Taiwan.
Labor Party
勞動黨 Láodòng Dǎng
Lô-tōng Tóng
1 Wu Rong-yuan Far-left Communism, Chinese nationalism, Chinese Reunification. Unaligned to any political coalitions in Taiwan, a member of International Communist Seminar

Full list of registered political parties

Here is a full list of registered political parties according to the Ministry of the Interior, by order of registration. Dates indicate date of founding.

List of political parties or organizations in Taiwan
Number Name of Political Party Establishment Date Leader
1Kuomintang (中國國民黨)10 October 1919Wu Den-yih (吳敦義)
2Chinese Youth Party (中國青年黨)2 December 1923Wu Wenzhou (吳文舟)
3China Democratic Socialist Party (中國民主社會黨)15 August 1946Yi Bulun (伊步倫)
4Worker's Party of Taiwan (工黨)1 November 1987Zheng Zhaomin (鄭昭明)
5China Democracy Party (中國民主黨)14 August 1988Shen Chaojiang (沈朝江)
6China Democratic Justice Party (中國民主正義黨)25 February 1988Zhang Dazheng (張大政)
7Chinese Republican Party (中華共和黨)9 March 1988Wang Yingqun (汪英群)
8China United Party (中國聯合黨)12 February 1989Wang Jianquan (王健全)
9China New Social Party (中國新社會黨)12 November 1947Chen Jianfu (陳健夫)
10Chinese People's Party (中國民眾黨)21 November 1987Wang Zhongquan (王忠泉)
11China Republican Party (中國中和黨)5 April 1894Zheng Xianglin (鄭祥麟)
12China Integrated Party (中國統一黨)9 March 1988He Maosong (何茂松)
13Integrated Democratic Party (統一民主黨)2 March 1988Sun Shenglian (孫生蓮)
14China Loyalty Party (中國忠義黨)26 March 1989Cui Xiaoyun (崔曉雲)
15Labor Party (勞動黨)29 March 1989Wu Rongyuan (吳榮元)
16Democratic Progressive Party (民主進步黨)28 September 1986Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文)
17Chinese Younger Youth Party (中華青少黨)26 February 1989Lai Yongqing (賴永清)
18China Old Veterans Unification Party (中國老兵統一黨)12 November 1988Chen Yuzhen (陳玉珍)
19Youth China Party (青年中國黨)2 December 1923Xiong Kai (熊愷)
20Loyalty and Public Interest Party (忠義致公黨)29 March 1989Zhang Jinwei (張晉瑋)
21China Democratic Youth Party (中國民主青年黨)21 March 1953Hong Binlu (洪炳爐)
22China Iron Guard Party (中國鐵衛黨)24 March 1989Fei Jiliang (費季良)
23China Solidarity Party (中國團結黨)21 May 1989Wu Zhiyi (吳志毅)
24China Liberal Democratic Party (中國自由民主黨)2 August 1987Wu Kuncheng (吳崑誠)
25China Revival Party (中國復興黨)30 May 1989Wang Suichun (王水村)
26Great Harmony Party (大同黨)20 May 1989Wang Lianxin (江連興)
27China National Security Party (中國國安黨)4 June 1989Chen Hanlong (陳漢龍)
28China Peace Party (中國和平黨)4 June 1989Zhang Wenyang (張文洋)
29China Democratic Reform Party (中國民主革新黨)13 September 1987Gao Zhaoxiong (高照雄)
30Democratic Freedom Party (民主自由黨)1 January 1989He Weikang (何偉康)
31Democratic Action Party (民主行動黨)1 March 1983Wang Minglong (王明龍)
32China Democratic Constitutional Party (中國民主憲政黨)15 July 1989Chen Shou (陳首)
33China Great Harmony Democratic Party (中國大同民主黨)10 October 1988Chen Hengsheng (陳恒升)
34China Hung Ying Patriotism Party (中國洪英愛國黨)20 July 1989Chen Jianhong (陳建宏)
35Great Justice and Fair Party (大公黨)7 January 1989Lei Yuqi (雷渝齊)
36China Self-Strengthening Party (中國自強黨)7 July 1989Chen Xinfu (陳信夫)
37China Middle and Youth Party (中國中青黨)2 December 1923Yan Nanchang (顏南昌)
38Chinese Orthodox Party (中華正統黨)25 August 1989Feng Yue (馮岳)
39China Democratic Integrated Party (中國民主統一黨)26 September 1989Xie Tiantian (謝天添)
40China All-people National Party (中國全民黨)30 October 1989Liu Bao (劉豹)
41China People's Protection Party (中國保民黨)16 December 1989Zhuang Zhengdong (莊正棟)
42Peasant Party (農民黨)3 February 1989Zhang Mingxian (張銘顯)
43China Justice Advocating Party (中國崇尚正義黨)13 February 1989Liu Haixiang (劉海洋)
44China By The People Party (中國民治黨)3 February 1989Liao Zhixiong (廖志雄)
45China Human Rights Promotion Party (中國人權促進黨)10 October 1989Han Weitian (韓蔚天)
46China Civil Administration Party (中國民政黨)31 March 1990Lu Zhengqiu (呂振球)
47Indigenous People's Party (原民黨)18 March 1990Yisao Ludao (伊掃魯刀)
48Revival Party (中興黨)5 April 1990Li Xitang (李西唐)
49China People Wealth Enrichment Party (中國民富黨)16 April 1990Yu Jinying (于金印)
50Democratic Republic Party (民主共和黨)5 May 1990Yang Wenhua (楊文華)
51Autonomy People's Action Party (自主民行黨)8 May 1990Zheng Chunlin (鄭純霖)
52Chinese National Equal Wealth Party (中華全民均富黨)8 May 1990Zhang Peijiang (張沛江)
53China Great Harmony Socialist Party (中國大同社會黨)11 May 1990Chen Tianfa (陳天發)
54All is equal under heaven party (天下為公黨)[1]12 July 1990Wu Wentou (吳文投)
55China Youth Democratic Party (中國青年民主黨)6 August 1990Chen Jixiong (陳秀雄)
56Truth Party (真理黨)18 September 1990Xiao Zhihong (蕭志宏)
57China Great Harmony Integrated Party (中國大同統一黨)7 October 1990Zhang Naiqiang (張迺強)
58China Binying National Wealth Advancement Party (中國檳英富國黨)5 September 1990Zeng Kuang (曾鑛)
59Chinese Social Democratic Party (中華社會民主黨)1 March 1991Ju Gau-jeng (朱高正)
60New China Democracy Building Party (新中國民主建設黨)25 December 1991Peng Huabu (彭華甫)
61China Liberal Social Party (中國自由社會黨)13 January 1991Huang Handong (黃漢東)
62China Independence Party (中國自立黨)11 May 1991Chen Zhenduan (陳振瑞)
63China National Welfare Party (中國全民福利黨)28 July 1991Di Pingyang (翟平洋)
64China Women Party (中國婦女黨)15 August 1991Wu Xingren (吳心人)
65China Women Democratic Party (中國婦女民主黨)18 August 1991Wu Guiru (吳貴如)
66Non-party National Democratic League (全國民主非政黨聯盟)16 October 1991Ye Xianxiu (葉憲修)
67China People's Action Party (中國人民行動黨)28 September 1991Ma XieLu (馬謝祿)
68Chinese Labor Party (中華勞工黨)25 October 1991Xie Yuzhu (蘇玉柱)
69Nationwide Labor Party (全國勞工黨)1 May 1992Zuo Jingqiu (佐靜秋)
70Chinese Minority Race Justice Party (中華少數民族正義黨)21 June 1992Chen Hongjian (陳弘建)
71Chinese Nationalist Republican Party (中華民族共和黨)2 September 1992Wu Zaisheng (吳再生)
72Chinese Anqing Party (中華安青黨)19 September 1992Wang Zhongsan (王仲三)
73Civil Party (公民黨)7 March 1993Qian Hanqing (錢漢清)
74New Party (新黨)10 August 1993Yok Mu-ming (郁慕明)
75Youth Concordance Progressive Party (青年協和進歩黨)9 August 1994He Naihao (柯乃豪)
76China National Party (中國國家黨)17 July 1995Ren Taiqin (任台慶)
77People's Solidarity Party (人民團結黨)18 September 1995Su Qiuzhen (蘇秋鎮)
78Advance Party (先進黨)1 January 1996Chen Yuxiang (陳裕祥)
79Green Party Taiwan (綠黨)25 January 1996Pan Hansheng (潘翰聲), Liu Lilan (劉麗蘭)
80National Democratic Party (國家民主黨)4 April 1996Huang Jianyuan (黃建源)
81Natural Law Party (自然律黨)22 September 1996Huang Rongsun (陳榮順)
82Taiwan Independence Party (建國黨)6 October 1996Wu Jingxiang (吳景祥)
83Chinese New People Party (中華新民黨)18 May 1997Gong Chunsheng (龔春生)
84Social Reform Party (社會改革黨)19 July 1997Xu Yunde (徐運德)
85Democratic Alliance (民主聯盟)24 June 1998Xu Chengkun (徐成焜)
86New Nation Connection (新國家連線)18 September 1998Peng Baixian (彭百顯)
87Taiwan Democratic Party (台灣民主黨)20 December 1998Lin Yuyin (林玉印)
88China Tiantong Party (中國天同黨)18 April 1998Shao Boxiang (邵伯祥)
89Zhongshan Party (中山黨)12 November 1999Lu Xuewei (呂學偉)
90People First Party (親民黨)31 March 2000James Soong (宋楚瑜)
91China Republic Democratic Party (中國共和民主黨)12 March 2000Lin Xiong (林雄)
92Greater China Unification Front (大中華統一陣線)7 July 2000Wang Zhaozeng (王昭增)
93New China Unification Promotion Party (新中國統一促進黨)13 August 2000Chen Mingxiong (陳明雄)
94Taiwan Intelligence Action Volunteers Party (台灣慧行志工黨)12 December 2000Lin Chengcai (林呈財)
95Taiwan Solidarity Union (台灣團結聯盟)12 August 2001Liu Yi-te (劉一德)
96Taiwan Ethnic Integration Alliance (台灣族群統一連盟)17 August 2001
97Taiwan Number One Party (台灣吾黨)21 September 2001Wei Jizhu (魏吉助)
98China-Taiwan Public Interest Party (中國台灣致公黨)21 April 2002Wang Ruisheng (王瑞陞)
99People's Wealth Enrichment Party (富民黨)4 May 2002Liao Wenzhi (廖文志)
100China Democratic Call Party (中國喚民黨)29 March 2003Wan Qingui (萬慶貴)
101Taiwan Democratic Worker's Party (台灣民主工黨)27 April 2003Xie Zhengyi (謝正一)
102National Loyalty Party (全民忠義黨)27 July 2003Yang Zhangchao (楊掌朝)
103World Peace Party (世界和平黨)13 March 2004Lin Jinsong (林景松)
104Civil Service Alliance (工教聯盟)21 March 2004Lin Qiaofeng (林樵鋒)
105People's Right Progressive Party (民生權利進歩黨)3 April 2004Chen Jianzhou (陳建州)
106Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (無黨團結聯盟)15 June 2004Lin Binkun (林炳坤)
107Dignity Party (尊嚴黨)20 June 2004Zeng Wenda (曾穩達)
108Republic of China Free Party (中華民國自由自在黨)8 June 2004Cai Mingda (蔡明達)
109Chinese Defense League (保衛中華大同盟)12 March 2005Lin Zhengjie (林正杰)
110Taiwan Defense Alliance (保衛台灣大聯盟)1 August 2004Yang Xudong (楊緒東)
111Taiwanese People's Action Alliance (台灣人民行動聯盟)23 July 2005Huang Wenzhang (黃文章)
112Chinese Universal Love Public Interest Party (中華博愛致公黨)12 August 2005Jin Lianci (金念慈)
113Chinese Unification Promotion Party (中華統一促進黨)12 August 2006Zhang Futang (張馥堂)
114China Democratic Progressive Party (中國民主進歩黨)16 October 2005Zhou Qinjun (周慶峻)
115New Taiwan Party (新台灣黨)4 July 2004Chen Sanxing (陳三興)
116Taiwan Independence Alliance (台灣建國聯盟)10 December 2005Wu Qing (吳清)
117Taiwan Party (台灣黨)17 July 2004Huang Suimu (黃水木)
118Help the Weak Alliance (濟弱扶傾聯盟)12 April 2006Huang Qizhi (黃啟埴)
119Taiwan Life Party (台灣生活黨)15 July 2006Kang Weirang (康惟壤)
120Non-Partisan Solidarity Union (黨外團團結聯盟)1 September 2006Zhang Xinsong (張幸松)
121Hakka Party (客家黨)14 October 2006Wen Jinquan (溫錦泉)
122Independent Non-partisan National League (全民廉政無黨連盟)9 September 2006Wang Chunyuan (王春源)
123Taiwan New Hakka Party (台灣新客家黨)11 February 2007Gu Wenfa (古文發)
124Taiwan Civil Action Party (台灣平民行動黨)4 March 2007Chen Zhuxian (陳祖賢)
125National Health Alliance (全民健康聯盟)23 March 2007Wu Nanhe (吳南河)
126Liberal Worker's Party (自由工黨)1 May 2007Wu Quanhong (吳權鴻)
127Taiwan National Party (台灣國民黨)27 May 2007Liao Guoan (廖國安)
128Taiwanese Farmers' Party (台灣農民黨)15 June 2007Xie Yonghui (謝永輝)
129Taiwan Civil Democratic Party (台灣平民民主黨)6 June 2007Lin Zhisheng (林志昇)
130Third Society Party (第三社會黨)15 July 2007Zou Yicheng (周奕成)
131Chinese Reform Party (中華革興黨)30 June 2007Kang Chenming (康陳銘)
132Save The World And Mercy Party (大道慈悲濟世黨)22 September 2007Wang Chongren (王崇任)
133Home Party (紅黨)14 October 2007Yao Liming (姚立明)
134Taiwan Constitution Association (制憲聯盟)8 November 2007Huang Qianming (黃千明)
135Democratic Peace Party (民主和平黨)18 November 2007Zeng Zekun (曾澤崑)
136Taiwan Democratic Republican Party (台灣民主共和黨)24 November 2007Zhou Zhenjian (周振堅)
137World Peace Neutral Party (世界和平中立黨)9 December 2007Wang Kefu (王可富)
138Taiwan National Party (台灣國家黨)26 April 2008Sun Zhengxiong (孫政雄)
139Party of Native Citizens (本土公民黨)26 April 2008Zeng Hanhuang (曾瀚篁)
140Health Party of the Republic of China (中華民生黨)24 May 2008Yi Daifu (尹載福)
141Taiwan Communist Party (台灣共產黨)20 July 2008Wang Laoyang (王老養)
142World Labor Party (世界勞工黨)1 November 2008Wang Chunzhang (王春長)
143China Family Party (中華民族黨)8 November 2008Chen Buqing (程步青)
144Broadcasting and Telecommunications Alliance Party (廣播電訊聯盟黨)29 November 2008Xu Jianchang (許見菖)
145Radio Party of the Republic of China (中華民國廣播黨)27 December 2008Hong Minhui (洪明輝)
146Cross-Strait Peace Alliance Party (海峽兩岸和平大聯盟黨)1 March 2009Jian Binghong (簡炳洪)
147Communist Party of the Republic of China (中華民國共產黨)31 March 2009Lu Baoyao (呂寶堯)
148Rites and Constitution Party (禮憲黨)23 May 2009Lan Shibo (藍世博)
149Taiwanese Party of the People (台灣民生黨)23 June 2009Lai Jixiong (賴継雄)
150Filial Piety Party (孝道黨)11 July 2009Huang Kelin (黃克林)
151Chinese Women's Party (中華婦女黨)3 August 2009Tu Minghui (涂明慧)
152China Communist Alliance (中國共產聯盟)28 August 2009Shi Fengyang (施鋒陽)
153People are the Greatest Party (全民最大黨)1 October 2009Xu Rongshu (許榮淑)
154Eastern Red Party (東方紅黨)1 October 2009Lin Yuansheng (林原陞)
155Formosa Independence Rights Party (福爾摩沙法理建國黨)6 September 2009Cheng Zhongmo (城仲模)
156People's Party (人民黨)4 October 2009Lin Feng (林豐)
157Taiwan Democratic Communist Party (臺灣民主共產黨)1 October 2009Chen Tianfu (陳天福)
158White Party (白黨)31 October 2009Nian Dingshan (粘丁山)
159Phoenix Party (鳳凰黨)27 December 2009Hong Meizhen (洪美珍)
160Taiwan Welfare Party (台灣福利黨)5 February 2010Chen Yongsong (陳永松)
161Chinese Tiantong Party (中華天同黨)20 February 2010Lu Baoyao (呂寶堯)
162Chinese Hakka Party (中華客家黨)27 February 2010Liu Bingsong (劉秉菘)
163Greater China Plum Flower Party (大中華梅花黨)5 March 2010Huang Yuru (黃玉如)
164Chinese Production Party (中華生產黨)28 February 2010Lu Yuexiang (盧月香)
165Chinese Elite Party (中華精英黨)21 March 2010Wu Chenzhi (吳誠致)
166Taiwan Ideology Party (台灣主義黨)3 March 2010Jiang Suilang (姜水浪)
167China Hung Meng Public Interest Party (中國洪門致公黨)21 May 2010Xiao Yuanbao (蕭圓寶)
168Taiwan Our Party (台灣我們的黨)13 June 2010Liu Maochuan (柳茂川)
169Great Tao People's Party (大道人民黨)13 June 2010Chen Cuirong (陳翠容)
170Taiwan Public Opinion Party (台灣民意黨)22 August 2010Huang Tianchen (黃天辰)
171Taiwan Democratic Movement Party (台灣民主運動黨)26 August 2010Lin Fenglong (林豐隆)
172Taiwan Small Farmer's Party (台灣小農黨)5 September 2010Fu Zexiong (傅澤雄)
173Chinese Home-Nation Party (中華家國黨)19 September 2010Mei feng (梅峰)
174China Social Party (中國社會黨)12 September 2010Zhou Jiezhi (周杰之)
175China Construction Party (中華建設黨)5 December 2010Wang Geqi (王格琦)
176Round Party (圓黨)26 December 2010Wen Chengxian (溫程顯)
177Chinese Reform Party (中華維新黨)5 December 2010Chen Kunneng (陳坤能)
178Voices of the Chinese Party (華聲黨)17 October 2010Liu Min 劉敏(台灣)
179Third forces coalition (第三勢力聯盟)12 January 2011Sun Xiumu (孫修睦)
180Taiwan Golden Party (臺灣黃金黨)13 January 2011Chi Zhengeng (池鎮庚)
181Political Issues Alliance (政治議題聯盟)27 February 2011Zhou Congtang (周琮棠)
182Global Hakka Party (世界客屬黨)12 March 2011Wu Quanshu (吳權塾)
183China Green Lotus Party (中國青蓮黨)15 March 2011He Junyuan (何俊元)
184Chinese Culture Party (中華文化黨)17 March 2012Lin Zhongshan (林忠山)
185New Power Party (時代力量)25 January 2015Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌)

Historical parties

Taiwan under Japanese rule

Political party movements in Taiwan started in the late 1910s after World War I, during the Taishō period (Taishō Democracy). Taiwanese political movements at this time were to modify the discriminatory colonial laws established in earlier years, and to setup local autonomy systems like in Mainland Japan. The largest political movement at this time was the Petition Movement for the Establishment of a Taiwanese Parliament. At the same time, the International Communist Movement also influenced Taiwan, many Left-wing parties and organizations were also established.

Notable Taiwanese parties during this time are:

At the same time, the political parties in Mainland Japan also affected Taiwan. Most of the Governor-General of Taiwan were also members of the House of Peers of the Imperial Diet (帝国議会). Party affiliations of the Governor-Generals were:

However, in the late 1930s, the Empire of Japan joins the World War II. To prepare for the Pacific War, all political parties in Mainland Japan were forced to be merged into a single organization

with its Taiwanese branch

  • Kōmin Hōkōkai (皇民奉公會, Taiwanese: Hông-bîn Hōng-kong-hōe, Japanese: Kōmin Hōkōkai)

was the only legal political party-like organization in Taiwan until the end of World War II.

Taiwan after World War II

Taiwan was ceded back to the Republic of China, founded in 1912 on the mainland, on 25 October 1945 and was placed under martial law from 19 May 1949 to 15 July 1987. At this time, all forms of opposition were forbidden by the government, only three political parties who retreated to Taiwan were allowed to participate the elections.

All other oppositions who were not allowed not form a political party could only be listed as "independent candidate". These movements were called Tangwai movement (黨外, literally outside of Kuomintang). A notable exception in this era was

It was established "illegally" in 28 September 1986, then was legalized in the next year by the lift of the martial law.


As Taiwan democratized in the late 1980s, the number of legally registered political parties in Taiwan had increased exponentially and continued to increase year by year, indicating a liberal democracy and high political freedom in Taiwan.

Number of registered political parties by year
Year 19901992199419961998200020022004200620082010201220142016
No. parties 60727582879499110122145177234264310

In the recent decades, Taiwan's political campaigns can be classified to two ideological blocs

The majority in both coalitions state a desire to maintain the status quo for now. Many minor parties in Taiwan are unaligned with either coalition.

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  1. KMT's prior body was Revive China Society (Xinzhonghui 興中會), founded on 24 November 1894. It officially renamed itself as China Nationalist Party 中國國民黨 in 1919.
  2. The prior body of China Democratic Socialist Party (中國民主社會黨) was China National Socialist Party (中國國家社會黨), which was founded on 16 April 1932. It renamed itself as China Democratic Socialist Party (中國民主社會黨) on 15 August 1946.


  1. named after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's book 天下為公
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