List of islands of China

This is a list of islands of China.

List of Chinese characters that mean island

  • Dǎo (島 / 岛) — the most generic character for island in the Chinese language
  • (嶼 / 屿) — mainly used around Fujian in the Min Chinese region
  • Shān () — commonly used in the south
  • Shā () — used in the South China Sea outlying islands or islands in rivers
  • Yán (巖 / 岩) or Yántóu (巖頭 / 岩头) — used around Guangdong and Zhejiang
  • Zhì () — mainly used around Zhejiang; historically written as (屿)
  • Ào (嶴 / 岙) — often used around Zhejiang though it has mostly been replaced by ()
  • Tuó () — often used in Northern China
  • Táng () or () — used in Zhejiang
  • (磯 / 矶) — used around Zhejiang and Shandong
  • Zhōu () — used for many islands in rivers
For archipelago/islands
  • Qúndǎo ([羣島] 群島 / 群岛)
  • Lièdǎo (列島 / 列島)
  • Dǎoqún ([島羣] 島群 / 岛群)

Mainland China

Marginal sea base-point islands

Autonomous and disputed regions

Hong Kong


Outlying Islands

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