List of governors and governors-general of Nigeria

This page contains a list of Governors and Governors-General of the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, and later of the Federation of Nigeria; both as a British overseas possession and an independent monarchy[1][2].

Governor-General of Nigeria, 1914–1919

Portrait Name Took office Left office Sovereign
Sir Frederick Lugard
1 January 19148 August 1919George V

Governors of Nigeria, 1919–1954

Portrait Name Took office Left office Sovereign
Sir Hugh Clifford
8 August 191913 November 1925George V
Sir Graeme Thomson
(1877–1933) |
13 November 192517 June 1931George V
Sir Donald Cameron
17 June 19311 November 1935George V
Sir Bernard Bourdillon
1 November 19351 July 1940George V
Edward VIII
George VI
Sir John Evelyn Shuckburgh
1 July 19401942George VI
Sir Alan Burns
194218 Dec 1943George VI
Sir Arthur Richards
18 Dec 19435 February 1948George VI
Sir John Macpherson
5 February 19481 October 1954George VI
Elizabeth II

Governors-General of Nigeria, 1954–1963

Portrait Name Took office Left office Sovereign
Sir John Macpherson
1 October 195415 June 1955Elizabeth II
Sir James Wilson Robertson
15 June 195516 November 1960Elizabeth II
Nnamdi Azikiwe
16 November 19601 October 1963Elizabeth II

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