List of free and open-source software organizations

The following are notable organizations devoted to the advocacy, legal aid, financial aid, technical aid, governance, etc. of free and open-source software (FOSS) as a whole, or of one or more specific FOSS projects. For projects that have their own foundation or are part of an umbrella organization, the primary goal is often to provide a mechanism for funding development of the software.

For the most part, these organizations are structured as nonprofit/charity organizations.

This list does not include companies that aim to make money from free and open-source software.



  • IfrOSS – provides legal services for free software in Germany.
  • Software Freedom Law Center – founded in 2005; provides free legal representation and other legal services to not-for-profit FOSS projects.

Umbrella organizations

The following organizations host, and provide other services, for a variety of different open-source projects.

Domain-specific organizations

The following organizations host open-source projects that relate to a specific technical area.

Project-specific organizations

A large number of single-project organizations (often called "foundations") exist; in most cases, their primary purpose is to provide a mechanism to bring funds from the software's users, including both individuals and companies, to its developers.

User groups

  • Linux user group – the general term for organizations of Linux users; see Category:Linux user groups.
  • PyLadies – founded in 2011; advocates for female participation in the Python community.

See also

  • Ubuntu Foundation – created in 2005, but exists only as an emergency backup in case the company Canonical stops supporting Ubuntu.


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